Christopher Webb on the Rhythms of Life

Christopher S. Webb
Christopher S. Webb,

Chris Webb, the President of Renovare’ USA, pleads in this article for the importance of rhythms for one’s spiritual life.

Renovaré is a nonprofit Christian organization that resources, fuels, models, and advocates fullness of life with God, experienced through the life and spiritual practices of Jesus and the historical church.

Here is how he begins building his case.

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Living by Rhythms

We are all creatures of habit.

My three year old son, Gregory,  finds great comfort in his day to day routines: the well-worn stories we read over and over; the familiar pattern of mealtimes and bedtime; the knowledge that Sunday lunch is reliably followed by a handful of candies, or that Tuesday morning means playgroup with Logan and Emily.

In time, he will outgrow all this—but experience suggests that he will simply grow into a new, but equally regular, rhythm of life. Like him, I too live by patterns. And, almost certainly, so do you. In the summer of 2008, a group of researchers from Boston published a study in the scientificc journal Nature, in which they followed the movements of over 100,000 people by anonymously tracking their cell phone signals. They found that we tend to revisit the same places, at the same times, with an astonishing (and almost monotonous) predictability. In other words, if you like cappuccinos, chances are high that you visit the same coffee shop most days, and usually at the same time in your daily routine.

There is a pattern to our activities. We build structure into our days. We create family traditions and rituals. Our churches use “liturgies,” even if we never write them down—we tend to follow the same order of worship week by week. Even though we often rejoice in spontaneity and  exibility, the truth is we like routines; we prefer order to chaos.

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