Son of God on Film

Son of God on Film.

Martin Marty on the new mo vie The Son of God.

The Last Temptation – A Lenten Reflection

The last temptation

by Brent Beasley

Anne Rice, she of Interview with the Vampire fame, recommitted to her Catholic faith a few years ago and has since dedicated herself to writing novels that explore the life of Jesus. First came Christ the Lord: Out of Egpyt, and in 2008 Rice published Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana. This novel, which I am reading now, depicts Jesus’ life as a young adult leading up to his first miracle at the wedding in Cana. It is fiction, of course, but Rice has tried hard to be as faithful to historical knowledge about Jesus’ life and world as possible. She imagines in this novel Jesus facing the temptation as a man in his late 20s to marry like all of his friends and brothers. Continue reading “The Last Temptation – A Lenten Reflection”


That’s My King – A Baptist Litany-Sermon

Continue reading “That’s My King – A Baptist Litany-Sermon”

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