Bob Roberts: Faith in the 21st Century

Bob Roberts is the founder and Senior Pastor of NorthWood Church. Through his leadership, NorthWood has planted 130 churches in the US. Bob is an international speaker and thinker in transforming people, churches, communities and the world. He has led NorthWood and other churches to provide international development projects which include building schools, clinics and hospitals, micro-businesses, water systems and exchange student programs. He frequently teaches courses on church planting, church growth, church multiplication, community transformation and international development at seminaries and universities around the globe. Bob is a graduate of Baylor University (BA), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div), and Fuller Seminary (D.Min). Bob is married to Niki and they have two children, Ben and Jill. Make sure to check out Bob’s blog.’

Jonathan Kuttab: Changes in the Wider Arab World and the Church

Jonathan Kuttab, “a leading human rights lawyer in Israel and Palestine. Mr. Kuttab was born in West Jerusalem, but after the Six Day War, his family moved to the United States, where he later earned his law degree from the University of Virginia. After practicing with a Wall Street law firm for several years, he returned to his homeland and co-founded the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence, Al-Haq (lawyers and others who assist with human rights issues), and the Mandela Institute for Political Prisoners. He is licensed to practice law in Palestine, Israel, and New York.”

“In addition he co-founded the Palestinian Center for the Study of Non- Violence and the Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems (HURIDOCS)… He serves as Chairman of the Board at Bethlehem Bible College and the Holy Land Trust. He has written extensively on international human rights and humanitarian law in the OPT including West Bank and the Rule of Law and Civilian Administration in the Occupied West Bank: Analysis of Military Order No. 947. He has taught law at several Palestinian universities and has lectured extensively throughout the United States and Palestine. Mr. Kuttab has received substantive recognition for his work, including in 1986 the, ‘Rothko Chapel Award for Commitment to Truth and Freedom’.”‘

Sami Awad: Non-Violence

Sami Awad is the Executive Director of Holy Land Trust (HLT), a Palestinian nonprofit organization which he founded in 1998 in Bethlehem. HLT works with the Palestinian community at both the grassroots and leadership levels in developing nonviolent approaches that aim to end the Israeli occupation and build a future founded on the principles of nonviolence, equality, justice, and peaceful coexistence. In 2006, he ran as an independent candidate in the Palestinian Legislative Council Elections (the Palestinian Parliament). He also established the Travel and Encounter Program, which aims to provide tourists and pilgrims with unique religious and political experiences in Palestine; the Palestine News Network, the first independent press agency in Palestine and a major source of news on life in Palestine today; and Al-Kul Television. He has traveled to several countries to speak about non-violence.’

Rev. Joel Hunter: A Western Reading of Scripture

Rev. Joel Carl Hunter (b.  April 18, 1948 in Shelby, Ohio), is ‘the senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed, a congregation of 15,000 that worships at four sites in Central Florida’.

Shane Clairborne – The Barriers That Divide

I  continue here the series of video recordings of presentations made at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, in March 2012.

Shane Claiborne (born July 11, 1975) is one of the founding members of The Simple Way in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This community was featured on the cover of Christianity Today as a pioneer in the New Monasticism movement.[1] Claiborne is also a prominent activist for nonviolence and service to the poor.

Tony Campolo on Christ at the Checkpoint

Tony Campolo of Eastern University talks about his experience at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in 2010 and why he thinks it such a gathering is important for the church today.

 His message at the conference, that I hope will be uploaded soon, was one of the best, a real prophetic call for the Church to address in a Biblical Christlike way the Palestinian problem.

Stephen Sizer on Connecting with the Palestinian Church

Rev. Stephen Sizer, vicar of Christ Church in Virginia Water, UK shares about his burden to see the Church worldwide connect with the Palestinian church to work toward justice and reconciliation in the holy land.

Dr. Gary Burge: Theology of the Land in the New Testament

Dr. Gary Burge, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, shares about “Theology of the Land in the New Testament” at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012

Palestinian Christians attacked for challenging Christian Zionism

Here is a fragment from this article published on the Electronic Intifada website:

Conference attacked

The aims of the Christ at the Checkpoint conference did not go unnoticed. For months before the conference, Christian Zionists and Israeli Messianic Jews waged a campaign against the conference and its organizers, labeling them “anti-Semitic” in an attempt to have the conference canceled.

“You wouldn’t believe the negative stuff that was written about us — sometimes [it] was nasty, some was personal,” said Isaac. “Major Christian media stations have spread lies about Bethlehem Bible College, just because of this conference. I never expected it to get this nasty and this personal.”

These critics suggested the conference was one-sided, biased and anti-Semitic, and speakers were attacked individually and accused of being anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. One op-ed in The Huffington Post even asserted that Stephen Sizer had “joined hands with the Iranian regime” (“Christ at the Checkpoint Conference will only breed more Theological Extremism,” 9 November 2011). Continue reading “Palestinian Christians attacked for challenging Christian Zionism”

Wayne Hilsden: The Place of the Jewish People in God’s Purposes

Wayne Hilsden of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem, a moderate Zionist, speaks at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012.

Munther Isaac: A Palestinian Christian Perspective

Munther Isaak, is a young Palestinian leader teaching theology at Bethlehem Bible College. He is presently reading for a doctorate in theology at the Oxford Centre for Missions Studies.

Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad addresses the Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 Conference

Christ at the Checkpoint 2012: What it is… and is not

Members of the organizing committee for the Christ at the Checkpoint conference explain some of the goals of the conference while addressing some criticism and concerns.

Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Statement

A major breakthrough in the evangelical world took place in Bethlehem through a gathering of over 600 international and local Christians, including renowned evangelical leaders. Organized by Bethlehem Bible College, the conference, under the banner “Christ at the Checkpoint,” addressed the issue of how to find hope in the midst of conflict. The conference exceeded all expectations.

For the first time, a broad spectrum of evangelical believers met literally at the “checkpoint,” and engaged biblically on issues that have historically divided them. Subjects included, Christian Zionism, Islamism, justice, nonviolence, and reconciliation. These themes were intended to create an ongoing forum for Christian peacemaking within the context of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. These issues were discussed in the form of inspirational messages, Bible study, interactive workshops, panels and site visits. Continue reading “Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Statement”