From Bondage to the Desert – 1.7 Christ Against Culture? – 2

1.7.2 ‘Christ Against Culture’ – Value and Limitations

The ‘Christ against culture’ model is a legitimate biblical one that has been used by Christians at different times in history, particularly in moments of great distress or crisis for the Christian community.

Thus, in the fourth century, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, many saintly believers became aware of the danger that the Church, which until that moment had seen herself as a community of pilgrims and strangers in this world, would start to learn the ways of the world and lose her prophetic role. This in fact did happen to a certain extent, in some places more than in others. That is why many of these holy men and women of God withdrew from society (the world) and isolated themselves, most frequently in the deserts of Egypt and Judea, in order to save their souls.

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