Revolutionary Silence: An Interview with Chris Heuertz : The Other Journal

Revolutionary Silence: An Interview with Chris Heuertz : The Other Journal.

Here is a very good interview with my friend Chris Heuertz, formerly with Word Made Flesh.
He is always worth reading.

Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission

Phileena Heuertz, the beautiful wife on my friend Chris Heuertz (formerly with Word Made Flesh, now with Gravity – A Center for Contemplative Activism), is an passionate promoter of ‘contemplative activism’. They have graciously accepted to facilitate a retreat I have organised a few years ago on this topic in Cyprus.

I invite you to get your head (and heart) around this fascinating topic. And as you do it, hopefully, after you get teased by the little fragment I paste here, I would like to to also encourage you to browse through the website hosting Phileena’s article, called Q – Ideas for the Commmon Good. I assure you it is worth it. Here is now the beginning of Phileena’s text:

* * *

The signs of the time can be troubling. Poverty and exploitation, wars and terrorism, global warming and over-consumption plague our planet. Though there are marks of beauty, creativity, justice and peace, we have a long way to go before our world is fully redeemed. Being a part of an international community committed to serving Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor gives me an uncommon, intimate understanding of the ways in which our personal lives can impact another—either for good or for harm. Contemplative activism must root us in offering the good. Continue reading “Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission”

The Story of the Tacum Ring


During the Reconciliation Summer School at Duke University last week I have received a precious gift from Chris Heuertz. It is a ‘tacum ring’, a symbol of reconciliation. Do not be surprised if you see me wearing it.

Please find below the amazing story of this powerful symbol.

* * *

Several years ago Lilia Marianno gave the WMF Brazil community simple black rings made from the fruit of a palm tree. With her gift, she shared a story.

She told of a bishop, who in a meeting with the leaders of the Tapirapé people, an indigenous tribe, was awed by their faith and resilience.  He asked for their forgiveness for the treatment of their people by his, and more importantly, for forgiveness for the church’s complicity in the oppression of their people over the centuries.

The bishop took off his gold ring, the symbol of his office, and presented it to the chief, saying “We cannot return all the gold we took, or restore all the lives we destroyed.  But we long to try and make things right.  Take this ring as a symbol of my desire for what the church will be – no longer taking, but giving.”  The Tapirapé chief accepted the ring, and reciprocated by removing his black tucum ring and giving it to the bishop as a symbol of their forgiveness and solidarity.

The ring, made from the fruit of the tucum palm tree is a difficult plant to cultivate due to its long, thin, sharp thorns.  The rings, made from the fruit’s hard shell that surrounds the seed, are made by hand – typically taking over an hour per ring.  The sawing, cleaning, and polishing are done by family members, creating opportunities for work for those who would not normally have it.

Read the rest of the story on the Word Made Flesh website.

David Chronic si-a facut blog

David Chronic conduce lucrarea din Romania a organizatiei Word Made Flesh, o institutie umanitara pentru care am foarte mult respect. Ne-am intilnit pentru prima data la Iasi, in urma cu citiva ani, cu ocazia unui seminar de misiune urbana. David este casatorit cu o romanca, Lenuta, traieste la Galati (desi in acest an este in sabatic, si umbla prin lume) si isi termina acum un masterat in teologie la London School of Theology.

Poate ca din pricina acestei perioadei sabatice si a provocarii unura dintre prietenii sa, inclusiv Chris Heuertz, care conduce WMF, David a hotarit sa-si faca blog. Ii spun bun venit in blogosfera.

Blogul lui, scris in limba engleza, poate fi explorat AICI.

The Mistic, the Evangelical and the Fundamentalist

(Photo, Hubert Steed)

There is an old anecdote in which a mystic, an evangelical pastor and a fundamentalist preacher die on the same day and awake to find themselves by the pearly gates. Upon reaching the gates they are promptly greeted by Peter, who informs them that before entering heaven they must be interviewed by Jesus concerning the state of their doctrine.

The first to be called forward is the mystic, who is quietly ushered into a room. Five hours later the mystic reappears with a smile saying, ‘I thought I had got it all wrong.’ Continue reading “The Mistic, the Evangelical and the Fundamentalist”

WMF ADvent – Day 3 – Mary & Joseph

30 November 2010

During the last Christmas season, staff from our Word Made Flesh (WMF) children’s home in Chennai, India, found a brother and sister living and working on a trash heap. Referred to as rag-pickers—a derogatory term that over-identifies the children with what they do rather than who they are—the small children were digging through garbage looking for anything they could eat. Continue reading “WMF ADvent – Day 3 – Mary & Joseph”

Working Together for What’s Right

Affirmation of inclusion in the body of Christ is the purest expression of denominations, but too often they encourage exclusion, says the international executive director of Word Made Flesh. Continue reading “Working Together for What’s Right”

Chris Heuertz on the ‘hole in our holism’

Then what is holism?

Throwing ourselves at the mercy of the whole gospel by celebrating the whole church so that the whole world might see us bear witness to hope in Christ must be our missional commitment. This is our aim and our ideal, but we must embrace this commitment humbly, as a goal rather than an announcement. Continue reading “Chris Heuertz on the ‘hole in our holism’”

Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission

A few days ago I had the pleasure of receiving from IVP a complimentary copy of the new book of my friend Chris Heuertz, International Director of the Christian organisation Word Made Flesh. It is called Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission. and it was written together with Christine Pohl, professor of social ethics at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. Continue reading “Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission”