Madiba, Rest in Peace! Your Memory Will Live Forever!

Nelson Mandela

“He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages” – US President Barack Obama

Madiba is gone. He will be missed and remembered forever.

As I have explained a number of times already, I must confess that before going to England to study theology, my impression of Mandela,rooted in the common prejudices of American inspired conservative evangelicalism, was that is a mere ‘rotten communist’ and nothing more. All his fight to freedom from apartheid did not have much value for me. He was a leftist and ended the conversation for me.

Then, in England, I realised that the socialist movement was not created by atheist communists, but about Christians who tried to temper the violent excesses of wild capitalism, in order to help bring a better life for the poor and marginalised that the utter selfishness and greed at the core of capitalism left behind. Continue reading “Madiba, Rest in Peace! Your Memory Will Live Forever!”

Charles Villa-Vicencio – More than Politics. A Remarcable Interview

As National Research Director for the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Charles Villa-Vicencio was intimately involved in the historic process that followed the collapse of apartheid and paved the way for a new social order. As a theologian, prior to the commission, he had spoken out against the apartheid regime, writing and editing numerous books that helped lead South African Christians out of complacency about their government’s policies. After the commission concluded, he founded the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, in Cape Town, and now advises peacebuilding efforts around the world. His most recent book is Walk with Us and Listen: Political Reconciliation in Africa (Georgetown University Press, 2009). We spoke at the offices of Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution Program, where Villa-Vicencio serves as a visiting scholar.

This interview was conducted in conjunction with the SSRC’s project on Religion and International Affairs.—ed. Continue reading “Charles Villa-Vicencio – More than Politics. A Remarcable Interview”

Charles Villa-Vicencio – A Romanian Collage


Timisoara, 3 July 2009

A Romanian Collage

Dacia defeated by Trajan’s legions (106AD)
The intrigue of East-Central European history
Romans, Greeks, Slavs, Austrians, Hungarians, Turks, Russians
Wallachia, Moldova, Transylvania
Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Carol I, Ferdinand, Carol II and Milhai
Georghe Gheorghiu Dej and Nicolae Ceausescu
Iliescu, Iliescu, Constantinescu, Iliescu, Basescu

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Charles Villa-Vicencio la Areopagus – UPDATE!

Charles Villa-Vicencio

Charles Villa-Vicencio (sursa: Evenimentul zilei)

Miercuri, 1 iulie 2009, a avut loc la Centrol Areopagus din Timişoara, la ora 19.00 un forum cu Charles Villa-Vicencio şi Vladimir Tismăneanu cu tema “Dincolo de condamnare. Adevar şi reconciliere în perioada de tranziţie“. Discuţiile au fost moderate de Silviu Rogobete şi Dănuţ Mănăstireanu. AICI gasiti imagini de la acest eveniment.

De asemenea, cititi AICI comunicatul de presa al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe cu privire la vizita in Romania a Profesorului Villa-Vicencio, care recunoaste rolul jucat de World Vision in aceasta initiativa.

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Charles Villa-Vicencio in vizita in Romania – UPDATE!

Charles Villa-Vicentio

Dr. Charles Villa-Vicencio

Teologul si politologul sud-african Charles Villa-Vicencio va vizita Romania in perioada 29 iunie – 3 iulie, cu sprijinul organizatiei World Vision International.

Programul vizitei sale va cuprinde urmatoarele evenimente:

  • Luni, 29 iunie, Institutul de Cercetari Politice, Universitatea Bucuresti, la ora 17.00, impreuna cu Profesor Dr. Daniel Barbu si Prof dr. Cristian Preda
  • Marti, 30 iunie, or a18.00, Institutul Cultural Roman, impreuna cu Vladimir Tismaneanu, Ioan Stanomir, Silviu Rogobete si Mircea Mihaies
  • Miercuri, 1 iulie, `19.00, Centrul Areopagus Timisoara, impreuna cu Silviu Rogobete, Danut Manastireanu, Corneliu Constantineanu
  • Joi, 2 iulie, ora TBA, Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara, Ceremonia de decernare a titului de Doctor Honoris Causa, impreuna cu prof dr. Ioan Mihai, rector, Vladimir Tismaneanu si Silviu Rogobete

(Citiţi AICI prima parte dintr-un interviu dat de Charles Villa-Vicencio în urmă cu două zile ziariştilor de la Evenimentul zilei. A doua parte AICI.)

Charles Villa-Vicencio – biografie in limba romana

Charles Villa-Vicentio

Scurta biografie, Prof. Dr. Charles Villa-Vicencio

Charles Villa-Vicencio (vezi CV atasat), teolog (Rhodes 1968) şi politolog (Natal 1970) Sud African, a obţinut masterul la Yale University şi doctoratul la Drew University, USA. Fost cleric metodist şi profesor universitar specializat in domeniul Religie şi Societate, implicat direct în lupta împotriva apartheid-ului, Charles este actualmente Profesor emerit la Universitatea din Cape Town şi Senior Research Fellow la Institute for Justice and Reconciliation în Africa de Sud.

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Democratie, memorie si justitie


Democraţie, Memorie şi Justiţie

Gazda: Institutul Cultural Roman, Bucuresti
Data: marti 30 iunie 2009
Orele: 6-8pm
Locatia: Institutul Cultural Roman
Strada: Aleea Alexandru Nr. 38
Telefon: +40 31 710 0627

Dincolo de condamnare: Adevar si reconciliere in perioade de tranzitie


Dincolo de condamnare: Adevar si reconciliere in perioade de tranzitie

Gazda: Centrul Areopagus Timisoara
Data: Miercuri 1 iulie 2009
Orele: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Locatia: Centrul de educatie crestina si cultura contemporana Areopaugs
Adresa: Calea Martirilor 104
Telefon: +40 256 494 381

Charles Villa-Vicencio in dialog cu Vladimir Tismaneanu. Intilnire moderata de Silviu Rogobete si Danut Manastireanu.

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Charles Villa-Vicencio – Curriculum vitae – English

Charles Villa-Vicentio

Charles Villa-Vicencio is a South African theologian (Rhodes 1968) and political scientist (Natal 1970) who did his Master degree at Yale University and his PhD at Drew University, USA. A former Methodist minister and University Professor of Religion and Society, highly involved in the struggle against apartheid, he is presently Emeritus Professor of the University of Cape Town and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa.

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