Calling my Children Home

Our American Journey

Today I have listened with great pleasure to a Chanticleer CD called Our American Journey. Of the 18 songs on the CD I was particularly attracted (maybe because I was in the mood) by the song titled ‘Calling my Children Home’ (in the arrangement of Joseph Jennings). Music expresses both hope and deep longing, but also a shadow of despair rooted in uncertainty. The words of the song, which I have pasted below, express the hopes of parents towards their beloved children, that they turn out well, after all the investment parents made in them; though, there can be no guarantee. I guess one has to be a parent to be able to grasp this strange combination of joyful and tragic thoughts.

To my unprofessional judgement, the best interpretation of this song I could find on YouTube (there is none by Chanticleer, unfortunately), is one by Ifield Community College Choir, in Crawley, UK, performed at Birmingham Town Hall, on the occasion off the National Festival of Music for Youth, in July 2010. The song is dedicated to the tragic struggle of the Chagossians for their legitimate right to return to their ancestral home. You don’t know who they are? I didn’t either, But I know now, and I will tell you, at the end of this post, after you listen to the song.

Music and words attributed to:
Doyle Lawson, Charles Waller, and Billy Yates
from “The Country Gentlemen” around 1950’s Continue reading “Calling my Children Home”