Call to Prayer – For Those Affected by Flooding in Bosnia and the Balkans

flooding in Bosnia

Dear brothers and sisters,
Some of you contacted me and asked me about situation in Bosnia. Situation here is very hard (in Croatia and Serbia too).
flooding in the Balkans
Almost all north of Bosnia is flooded. About 1.000.000 people are affected by flood (population of Bosnia is 3,5 – 4 mill). Nobody exactly knows how many people died in flood, unofficial information’s said more then 30.
Beside flood, many landslides started (several thousands across the country), and many houses are destroyed. Just one mile from us, landslide destroyed 8 houses and some other houses are in danger so 120 people are evacuated.
ll believers from our local church are OK and our church building is not in danger, but few other churches and believers in Bosnia are affected by flood.
Please pray for us and our country. Pray for churches and believers who are affected, pray for all country, pray that in this difficult situation people will turn to Jesus, and pray that we can serve people in our country through this hard time and show them love of Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Slavko Hadzic
Evangelical Church “Kosevsko brdo”
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011) – A Movie by Angelina Jolie

This is not really suitable for viewers under 18.


A troubling film about the tragedy of the nationalist conflict in former Yugoslavia and especially the extensive and premeditated use of rape as a weapon of war.

Watch HERE (in French) a very positive evaluation of the authenticity of this this movie.

15 ani de la masacrul din Srebrenica – UPDATE

Exact acum zece ani, in 11 iulie 2000, vizitam pentru prima oara Sarajevo, in Bosnia. In acea zi, atmosfera in oras era sumbra si televiziunea transmitea in permanenta programe legata de consecintele razboiului din Iugoslavia.

Se implineau atunci 5 ani de masacrul din Srebrenica, in care peste 8.000 de barbati au fost ucisi cu singe rece de militarii sirbi condusi de generalul Ratko Mladici, care se afla si in prezent in libertate – o tragedie care ar fi putut evitata daca contingentul de 400 de soldati olandezi din forta de pace ONU ar fi intervenit asa cum se cuvenea .

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Comforting Words in Times of Grief

As Jasmina Varupa was reflecting with her peers on the morning of March 10, she was unknowingly led to share Romans 12:9-21, minutes before news from Pakistan came on the death of six members of staff in Pakistan after an attack by gunmen.

“Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another (…) Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath.”

With those same verses, Yasmina was able to spare more bloodshed 13 years ago in Bosnia, when she was the repatriation coordinator with World Vision, helping displaced people return to their homes after the end of war in 1994. Continue reading “Comforting Words in Times of Grief”

Urme romanesti in Bulgaria

Va recomand astazi un excelent articol al jurnalistului Catalin Manole, de la Formula As, intitulat ‘Urme romanesti in Bulgaria: Horele mute’. Iata un fragment, din care veti detecta, sper, sensibilitatea si emotia cu care se apropie jurnalistul de acest delicat subiect, al romanilor uitati din afara granitelor Romaniei.

In Bulgaria sunt peste o suta de mii de romani. Uitati, parasiti, ignorati de tara mama, a carei limba o vorbesc. Nici un stat din lume nu-si dispretuieste cu atata inconstienta radacinile istorice. Continue reading “Urme romanesti in Bulgaria”

Seattle – 2 – World Vision US


După masa de dimineaţă ne-a deplasat, împreună cu ceilalţi membri ai grupului nostru, la sediul World Vision United States (WV US), unde aveau să aibă loc întâlnirile pentru care ne aflam acolo (aveţi mai sus o imagine a sediului WV US, care este altceva decât World Vision International, organizaţia umbrelă din care WV US face parte, alături de alte organizaţii asemănătoare din aproape o sută de ţări). Continue reading “Seattle – 2 – World Vision US”

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