Bonhoeffer on Theological Challenges in Protestant Congregations

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Scot McKnight quotes Bonhoeffer on a delicate matter in Protestant/Evangelical contexts. Here it is.

For Protestant congregations there are certain prejudices that make it more difficult for the congregation to have a proper relationship to theology.

The pietistic: Theology is a matter of the head; what matters is the heart.
 Thus theology divides, while the piety of the heart unites.

The orthodox: All preaching is instruction, theology, true theology = true faith, the sum total of true propositions.

The academic: Theology is rigorous scholarship, study, university, not for the laity.

The evangelization [volksmissionarisch] circles: People are not mature enough for theological distinctions—first mission, then theology.

The ecclesiastical political: Theology disrupts the political unity of the church. The sectarian.
 A particular theology is the whole truth of the gospel.

A Bonhoeffer Prayer

In the dawn of the day I call to Thee
Help me pray
Direct my thoughts to Thee
I cannot manage on my own
It is dark within me, but there is light in Thee
I am lonely, but Thou will not leave me
I am faint of heart, but know Thou will help me
I am troubled, but know that in Thee is peace
I am bitter, but in Thee is endurance
I do not understand Thy ways
But Thou understandeth them for me.

(Thanks to my friend Steve Ramey for this.)

Bonhoeffer, Costul uceniciei – Lansare la Areopagus

In 10 aprilie anuntam AICI, via Emanuel Contac, prima lansare oficiala a traducerii in romaneste a lucrarii lui Bonhoeffer, Costul uceniciei.

Am primit acum si anuntul oficial de la Areopagus Timisoara. Iata-l mai jos.

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