I’m Going to Hell (And So Are You) | The Blackbird Press

I’m Going to Hell (And So Are You) | The Blackbird Press.

Here is another article about the debate stirred up by Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It

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A new post on the Blackbird Press (see HERE) brought to mind a much discussed topic, in certain circles, this time of the year: new year resolutions. The authors suggest that most people fall. from this point of view, in two categories. Those who,

1. Made a resolution that you will probably break by February, and forget all about by March. Heck, it’s the 3rd, maybe you’ve broken it already.

2. Thought it was dumb that people make resolutions on New Years Eve they will only break, so you’ve decided to make a pre-emtive strike and not make a resolution at all. You’ll change not for some arbitrary celebration, but in your own natural timing. Which is to say, never. Continue reading “Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It”


Blackbird Press – Does “Christian” Still Mean Anything?

Of my sixty “friends” that self-identified as being followers of Jesus Christ in some form or another, only thirteen explicitly labeled themselves as “Christian,” a mere 21.6%!

Several others had “Christian” but with some additional qualification, be it denominational or specifically doctrinal:
Continue reading “Blackbird Press – Does “Christian” Still Mean Anything?”

Blackbird Press – Don’t Shoot the Questioner

Friends, here is a fragment from another superb article on Blackbird Press.

“I’ve been questioning the bible lately,” said Query.

Answer shot her a worried glance.

“Don’t freak out,” Query said. “I still read it. But I’ve just been wondering, why do we trust it so much? How do we know it’s true?” Continue reading “Blackbird Press – Don’t Shoot the Questioner”

The Blackbird Press

If you have enjoyed the previous article, or if, at least, it has made you think again about the troubling matter of human sexuality, it is time to me to introduce the publication where this text originates. It is called The Blackbird Press. Here is the description that can be found on their website:

The Blackbird Press is a counterculture magazine challenging the shallow, self-serving, intellectually bankrupt and otherwise lame Christian subculture in America. We believe faith is no excuse for ignorance, tackiness and thoughtless conformity. Continue reading “The Blackbird Press”

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