The Legacy of Fear –

The Legacy of Fear –

David Brooks writes about the legacy of communism aft25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Read HERE the very interesting article of Branco Milanovic on which Brooks comments.

Lessons from the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Twenty years ago in East Germany, “Christian hope and perseverance contributed significantly to the fall of the Berlin Wall”, said World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia. Commenting on the 20th anniversary of the event that brought to an end the “cold war era”, Kobia stressed: the people who “gathered in the churches and became the nucleus for the movement of change […] taught us that Christian faith can inspire a resistance movement against fatalism and despair – a lesson which is as important today as it was twenty years ago”.

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The Berlin Wall Falls

The Berlin Wall fell in many places


The political and social shock waves caused by weeks of pro-democracy protests in East Germany and then the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, were felt around the world.

The South African theologian John de Gruchy recalls how, while spending a sabbatical semester at Union Theological Seminary in New York that year, he had been asked to play host for a few days to the director of an East German institute for Marxist-Leninist studies.

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Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Fall of Berlin Wall – its meaning for the ecumenical movement


The opening or fall of the Berlin Wall was an unexpected event for the people most directly affected, but even more so for the world at large. The ecumenical movement was no exception. However, the events in 1989 East Germany were to have a wide and long lasting impact on it that can still be felt today.

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