Ben Irwin – Why Evangelicals Should Think Twice about Equating Modern Israel with Israel of the Bible

The other day, I raised a question for evangelicals who think standing with Israel means supporting them no matter what. How do you reconcile a “never criticize Israel” mentality with the overwhelming witness of the biblical prophets?

If you’ve been told that unconditional support for Israel is the only “biblical” position, that the modern-day state enjoys the same kind of “most favored nation” status with God as ancient Israel did, then here’s another question. If Israel today is entitled to the covenant blessings spoken by the Old Testament, what about their covenant obligations?

The Bible never spoke of Israel’s covenant blessings apart from their obligations. It’s no use trying to have one without the other. And at least one of these obligations poses a bit of a problem for the modern state of Israel, if it is indeed the same nation as the one in the Bible. Continue reading “Ben Irwin – Why Evangelicals Should Think Twice about Equating Modern Israel with Israel of the Bible”

Ben Irwin – Five Bible Verses You Need to Stop Misusing

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NOTE: Biblical illiteracy is pervading in today’s churches, including in evangelical ones, that take pride in their love for the Bible. One of the signs of this is the wrong way, mostly out of context, that Bible verses are quoted by Bible-loving evangelicals. The article below gives some of the most striking examples.

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That verse you keep quoting? It may not mean what you think it means.

he other day, someone gave me a note with Nahum 1:7 printed at the top: “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.”For some reason, they neglected to include the next line, which continues the thought from verse 7: “But with an overflowing flood he will make a complete end of Nineveh.”

Okay, so maybe the fuller version doesn’t deliver quite the same Hallmark moment. And maybe that’s the problem with how many Christians use the Bible.

Christians read (and quote) Scripture in tiny, artificial fragments all the time. And by doing so, do we alter the meaning without even realizing it.

Digital Bible apps make it easier than ever to Twitterize holy writ. But we’ve been doing it for ages. Here are some of the most commonly misused Bible verses. Continue reading “Ben Irwin – Five Bible Verses You Need to Stop Misusing”