Trey Ratcliff – Bejing from Above

Tray writes: ‘I wrote a full story about this video and getting detailed by the Chinese police! Check… – I also have more about how I made the video, equipment, etc etc. This music is by the great Jon Hopkins. This song is called “A Drifting Up.”‘


WEA Calls Us to Pray for Shouwang Church in Beijing, China

The WEA wishes to express its concern over the recent incidents related to Shouwang Church and the local authorities, and calls upon its member constituency to pray for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

The unsuccessful bid by Shouwang Church to secure their preferred place of worship led its members to express their frustration by choosing to worship outdoors the past three Sunday mornings, which resulted in the arrest and subsequent release of its members by local authorities. That has created an environment of conflict and mistrust. Continue reading “WEA Calls Us to Pray for Shouwang Church in Beijing, China”

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