BBC News – How the West Messed Up the Middle East at the End of WWI

Middle East map - 8 May 1916
The original secret Sykes-Picot map of 1916: “A” would go to France, “B” to Britain.

A map marked with crude chinagraph-pencil in the second decade of the 20th Century shows the ambition – and folly – of the 100-year old British-French plan that helped create the modern-day Middle East.

Straight lines make uncomplicated borders. Most probably that was the reason why most of the lines that Mark Sykes, representing the British government, and Francois Georges-Picot, from the French government, agreed upon in 1916 were straight ones.

Sykes and Picot were quintessential “empire men”. Both were aristocrats, seasoned in colonial administration, and crucially believers in the notion that the people of the region would be better off under the European empires. Continue reading “BBC News – How the West Messed Up the Middle East at the End of WWI”

Merger of GBC (Galilee Bible College) and NETS (Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary)

After many years of 2 Bible Colleges operating in the Galilee area, God is leading a group of Godly leaders from these institutions to merge in order to promote unity within the Christian communities who face great challenges due to their status as a small minority swallowed up among two larger majority religions. This future merger will allow the colleges to share faculty, staff and resources and maximize benefits to the students. This step is also a witness for reconciliation and embodies unity for some area churches that have been divided.  This unity will be a blessing to many people.  While the details are being worked out for an eventual merge, members of the faculties are meeting together in prayer and joint classes are taking place for the BA students within these institutions.  A sample of courses being taught is: Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology and the Book of Acts.

(Source, latest newsletter of BBC (Bethlehem Bible College).

Praise, my soul the King of heaven

This afternoon I have watched the excellent programme Songs of Praise on BBC. Inspired by it I have decided to share with you here one of the most beautiful Christian hymns ever composed in Britain. Here is a little bit about the history of this hymn, followed by the lyrics.

* * *

Henry Francis Lyte wrote “Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven” for his congregation at Lower Brixham in Devon, England. The hymn was first published in 1834, among a collection of three hundred hymns entitled “Spirit of the Psalms.”

Unlike translations of the Psalms-commonly used in Psalters of that time-or paraphrases like those written by Isaac Watts, “Spirit of the Psalms” contained hymns that were simply inspired by the Psalms. A part of this collection, “Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven” captured the “spirit” of Psalm 103. Continue reading “Praise, my soul the King of heaven”

Cuba is slooooooowly changing

This is not the end of communism, but it may lead to it, in time.

A short BBC documentary.

Un BBC al blogosferei evanghelice?

BBC-ul este un standard incontestabil si peisajul jurnalismului european. ESte o evidenta faptul ca niciuna dintre institutiile media din Romania nu se ridica nici pe departe la standardele institutiei britanice.

Blogosfera evanghelica romaneasca este un fenomen relativ recent si necercetat inca in mod profesionist, desi, mai ales prin munca neoboosita a lui Alin Cristea, avem la dispozitie o multitudine de date si de statistici, mai ales cantitative, dar si din cind in cind, si prin contributia citorva minti mai analitice, si analize de substanta. O cercetare serioasa insa, la standarde profesioniste nu exista inca. Continue reading “Un BBC al blogosferei evanghelice?”

Does Christianity Have a Future? – A Superb BBC Documentary

According to some, Christianity in the UK has no future. Closure of churches and falling attendances in the last few decades appear to show that the Christian faith is in terminal decline.

Ann Widdecombe examines the evidence, and discovers at least three areas of Christian growth which are bucking the trend – immigration into the Catholic Church, the Alpha course and the Black Pentecostalist Churches.

But even if these do arrest the decline, what about the very long term? Can Christianity survive in a world in which the young seem even less interested in Christianity than their parents? And in such a world, how is it possible to justify an established Church of England and all its privileges?