Which is the most FAITHFUL translation of the Bible to the original texts? – 1

I have received this question from my virtual friend RomGabe, a Lutheran of Romanian origin, living now in Scandinavia, as a comment to a post on my blog about Southern Baptists banning the NIV 2011 from their shops (redirected from ABP). Since the issue is too important and complex to deal with in a comment, I have decided to respond with a separate blog post. Here it is.

Faithfulness to the Word? Which one?

To be fair, Gabriel, and sorry to say that, I do not share your anxiety about finding ‘the most FAITHFUL translation’ of the Bible. Let me explain.

I believe that the ‘Word of God’, in the highest sense of the word, is Jesus Christ, the son of God. Figuring him out, as much as humanly possible is the most important matter for me. Continue reading “Which is the most FAITHFUL translation of the Bible to the original texts? – 1”


In memoriam Thomas F Torrance (1913-2007)


Este surprinzător pentru mine să observ faptul că comunitatea protestantă din România n-a acordat nici un fel de atenţie trecerii la cele veşnice a celui care a fost probabil unul dintre cei mai importanţi teologi reformaţi al secolului al douăzecilea, prezbiterianul scoţian Thomas Forsyth Torrance. Tom face parte dintr-un veritabil clan teologic, împreună cu fraţii săi, James şi David, şi cu cei din următoarea generaţie, între care trebuie să-i menţionăm pe Iain (Princeton Seminary, US) şi Alan Torrance (University of St. Andrews, UK).

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