Obama meets with Billy Graham

Monday, April 26, 2010

// // MONTREAT, N.C. (ABP) — President Obama met Billy Graham for the first time face-to-face April 25, making him the 12th consecutive president of the United States to meet with the famed Southern Baptist evangelist. Continue reading “Obama meets with Billy Graham”

Jim Wallis – We Needed a New Approach in Afghanistan. And This Isn’t It

Jim Wallis argues disapprovingly in Sojourners about the recent decision made by President Obama to increase the number of the American troops in Afghanistan. He writes:

The decision by President Obama to send additional troops to Afghanistan saddens me. I believe it is a mistake, it is the wrong direction for U.S. foreign policy, and it is disappointing to many of us in the faith community and our friends who spearhead the on-the-ground development efforts in Afghanistan and around the world.

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Jim Wallis – Words Matter

President Barack Obama delivered his first speech to the United Nations yesterday, speaking at the opening session of the General Assembly in New York.

He began by listing the policies of the U.S. government he has pursued in nine short months that are different from the past. These include Continue reading “Jim Wallis – Words Matter”

What Obama Means to Me

What Obama Means to Me
In My Encounter with Freedom, Democracy and Humanity

Dr. Anugerah Pekerti
(former member of World Vision International Board of Directors)

It is indeed a special privilege for me to share the over flowing jubilation of the people who celebrated the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the USA from California. It is special to me because I used to know Barry when Ann Soetoro, his mother, taught English in a graduate school of management in Jakarta in 1967 -1971. I was a faculty member in the school and retired as its president.

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McCain si Obama la Saddleback

Într-un mesaj trimis trimis în 22 iulie din San Paolo, Brazilia, către membrii bisericii sale, Saddleback Valley Church, pastorul Rick Warren, cunoscut autor al cărţii Purpose Driven Life (tradusă în româneşte sun titlul Viaţa condusă de scopuri) îşi anunţa congregaţia cu privire la faptul că sâmbătă 16 august, în cadrul Forumului Civic organizat cu regularitate de această biserică, va avea loc o întâlnire cu principalii candidaţi la preşedinţia Statelor Unite, senatorii John McCain şi Barack Obama. Continue reading “McCain si Obama la Saddleback”