What I mean when I say I am “Against Calvinism” | Roger E. Olson

What I mean when I say I am “Against Calvinism” | Roger E. Olson.

This may upset some hard-line Calvinists, but hurt is good sometimes for the soul.

The Evangelical Divide – A View from the Other Side

My previous post on the Evangelical divide was based on a text written by Arminian theologian Roger Olson.

In case some people doubt such a divide really exists, I add here part of an article on this topic published in First Things by the Reformed theologian Gerald McDermott, the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion at Roanoke College and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion,  editor of The Oxford Handbook of Evangelical Theology and coauthor of The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford).

I add here, as a teaser, the first part of this longer text (bold emphases are mine).

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Concept of Freedom in the Arminian Tradition

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

The  Arminian  Tradition  Association invites you  to  the  second conference in the Lviv Christmas Readings series. This  conference,  which  will focus on

“The Concept of Freedom in the Arminian  Tradition,”

will be held December 10-11, 2010, at the L’viv campus of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. Continue reading “Concept of Freedom in the Arminian Tradition”

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