Embodied Hallelujahs – An Invitation to Dance

Angela Yarber

Like many ordained Baptist pastors, I recently guided my congregation during the seasons of Lent and Easter with spiritual disciplines, preaching, worship and baptism. This week I shout hallelujah with my body. I dance.

April 29 is celebrated as International Day of Dance. “Baptists don’t dance,” the old stereotype goes, but as also a professional dancer I want to debunk this notion.

Dance has been a vital part of our history. We read of dance as a form of worship more than 27 times in the Hebrew Bible. Miriam, David, Jephthah’s daughter, the Shulamite, Judith and Salome all danced in the grip of God’s joy. Continue reading “Embodied Hallelujahs – An Invitation to Dance”

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