The Walid Shoebat Christian Zionist Scam

Walid Shoebat pretends to be a former Islamic terrorist who converted to Christianity and is now ‘defending the Israeli cause’. Good for him. US is a free country, so they say. Yet, there is only one problem. Walid Shoebat’s story does not stand. Is is just another scam, made up by a professional liar, for the purpose of getting easy money from American Christian Zionists who are stupid enough and blinded by their ideological bias to believe such unsubstantiated claims.

It seems that Shoebat, like Mosab Hassan Yousef, the so-called ‘son of Hamas‘ (another proved fraud; mind that the two are not in good standing with each other – it seems that Yousef is infringing on Shoebat’s ‘business’ territory) are just tools of Israeli Zionist propaganda. The end justifies the means.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper presents in a recent programme Drew Griffin’s investigative report on this scam. Here it is, in two parts: Continue reading “The Walid Shoebat Christian Zionist Scam”

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