Benjamin L Corey – 10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been “Americanised”

American religion is rapidly spreading in the world through the power of the ‘almighty dollar’ and the insidious influence of the media (that is what we used to call  with a very adequate term, ‘imperialism’. Thus, we find many ‘Americanised’ churches all over the world, especially in evangelicalism. And that is also true of Romania, unfortunately.

Benjamin Corey suggests ten tests for finding out if your church has been ‘Americanised too’. Here they are, in brief:

1. If you look at the early Christians and are in disbelief over what you find. 

2. Your chief concern with Muslims is how to defeat them instead of how to show them the love of Christ.

3. If you can recite more of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights than you can the Sermon on the Mount. Continue reading “Benjamin L Corey – 10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been “Americanised””

Karl Barth on American Theology

Karl Barth

We celebrate today 125 years from the birth of Karl Barth, undoubtedly the most important Christian theologian of the 2oth century.

On this occasion, Steve Harmon, a Facebook friend, has shared with us a link to one of Barth’s lectures, that he did in Chicago, on 26 April 1962. The fragment below is part of the Q&A at the end of the lecture. In it, Barth explains what he expects from American theology. What he said almost 50 years ago still holds true.

Here are Barth’s own words:

Barth on American Theology Continue reading “Karl Barth on American Theology”

Referinte biblice pe arme produse in Statele Unite – UPDATE

Foto: Associated Press

Presa occidentala vuieste la vestea ca echipamentele de ghidare vizuala pentru armele folosite de armata americana in Iraq si Afghanistan au imprimate pe ele referinte biblice.

Echipamentul respectiv, produs de firma Trijicon, care a fost creata de un crestin, este folosit pe scara larga de armata Statelor Unite. Prezenta stranie a referintelor pe aceste echipamente destinate uciderii a fost remarcata recent, ca urmare a protestelor unor militari. Continue reading “Referinte biblice pe arme produse in Statele Unite – UPDATE”

Year-in-Review Perspective – George Barna

Based on his company’s interviews with thousands of people during the year, researcher George Barna synthesized the findings across numerous studies and summarized four themes that emerged from his research regarding religion in 2009.

Theme 1: Increasingly, Americans are more interested in faith and spirituality than in Christianity Continue reading “Year-in-Review Perspective – George Barna”

The Decade’s Biggest Change in Christianity – American Perspectives

“The expansion of faith-based politics to include nearly every religious group in the country. Back in the 1960s, it was mostly people on the religious left, or in minority communities, who were engaged in politics. Then, in the 1980s, the religious right appeared. What we’ve seen in the new century, since right around 2000, is that we have both sides, and many other sides besides, all being involved in the process. The Catholic community is very involved; the Jewish community is very involved. The growing numbers of non-Christians in the United States — Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus — all have been involved in politics. We’ve had a spread of faith-based politics to virtually every community.”
John Green, senior research adviser, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Continue reading “The Decade’s Biggest Change in Christianity – American Perspectives”

Studentii si evanghelicii – noile arme americane?


Super site-ul francez Le Post publica ăn data de 9 mai 2009 un foarte interesant articol intitulat “Nouvelles “armes” américaines: Les étudiants, et les évangéliques!“. Articolul, care evidenţiază multe dintre obsesiile paranoice ale stângii franceze cu privire la to ceea ce vine din America, nu este lipsit totuşi de adevăr, chiar dacă multe dintre lucrurile pe care le rosteşte sunt confuze şi de o subiectivitate strigătoare la cer (este vorba de spaţiul francez, deci nici nu se putea altfel).

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