Syrian priest: ‘No words to describe the suffering’

Amid the worst violence since the Syrian conflict began more than five years ago, a local Syrian Catholic archbishop has joined in raising attention to the situation facing Christians in the city of Aleppo.

Source: Syrian priest: ‘No words to describe the suffering’

Things are getting worse and worse on the Syrian front, because of our guilty indifference.

Message from a pastor in Aleppo, Syria

Saturday November 10 2012
Dear praying partners
This week, mortars were the most famous event, especially when 4 mortars fell on a very close area to ours, and two of them on a building close to a church. Nearly every day of the week, during day and night from hour to hour, as well as this moment of writing this, the sound of mortar or rockets passing over our area or explodes somewhere close to us or in the city.
The Jasmine is called that because usually they call Damascus as city of Jasmine, so when the opposition started they called it Jasmine revolution.
I have here three pieces of sad news:
· The two kidnapped Bible House workers are still kidnapped. Last Thursday they let Mano go to bring the ransom, and the negotiation is still on. Continue reading “Message from a pastor in Aleppo, Syria”

A New Message from A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria

Dear friends

Today, Tuesday, started as a terrifying day.

After a difficult Sunday morning, the rest of the day was good, and we gathered in the church at 6p.m for our Sunday worship. As well Monday was quiet day in general.

We woke up at 5.45 A.m. because of shooting very close to where we live, then it turned into a real battle, with heavy guns and explosions, and a very loud shouting of Allah wa Akbar – God is great! Continue reading “A New Message from A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria”

Message of A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hope my email finds you well. Your emails and phone calls were real encouraging for both me and the church. I wrote this mail Wednesday night, but since that time till now, Friday noon, we hadn’t any Internet access or cell phone coverage!

This night (Friday night – Saturday morning) was the worse since 10 days! Very heavy explosions and sound of fighting not far from our home, by strong machine guns. The situation is still the same as for the center of fights and also the same in the other safe areas.

What is very new is that one of the main tribes or maybe more than one tribe (Muslim – Arab, and originally from Aleppo) decided to fight with the army of the government against the oppositions who are nearly from the same background. Continue reading “Message of A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria”