Orthodox Africa – A review article | Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative

Source: Orthodox Africa – A review article | Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative

A book on Orthodoxy in Africa, by Archbishop Anastasios of Albania, who served for over teh years as a missionary on that continent.

How Large is Africa

How large is Africa

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An Interesting Map of Africa

Africa map


Why Terrorists Are After Africa’s Christians

May 10, 2012
From Boko Haram in Sub-Saharan Africa to al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa, Islamist terrorists across the continent have heightened attacks on Christians. This seems to be a part of an emerging strategy of al-Qaeda and associated local groups, which must be taken and dealt with seriously.
On April 29, Boko Haram members gunned down at least 16 Christians and wounded more than 22 others as they targeted an area inside the Bayero University campus in northern Nigeria where churches hold Sunday services. The same day, its gunmen shot at worshippers inside a chapel of the Church of Christ in Nigeria in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, killing the pastor who was preparing for Communion and four congregants.
Also on April 29, a man believed to be from Somalia’s al-Shabaab group set off a grenade during a church service in Nairobi, Kenya, killing a worshipper and injuring 15 others. Continue reading “Why Terrorists Are After Africa’s Christians”

Joseph Kony – The Ignored African Criminal – Time to Act

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

How Big Is Africa?

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Shakira – Waka Waka

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Martin Marty – On Romanticising Church Growth in Africa

Sightings 7/5/10

Christianity Going South

— Martin E. Marty

Sightings authors often comment on religion in the United States rather than “the rest of the world,” but through the years have shown regularly how artificial or at least permeable such geographical distinctions are when it comes to religion.  Philip Jenkins, Mark Noll, Lamin Sanneh, and others reveal the same, with important books on what Jenkins calls “The Next Christendom” and Noll describes as “The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith.”  They see the Christian population “going South.”  In American slang, “going south” means going down to an inferior position.  But in demographic terms, the capital “S” signals going up, as the masses of Christians are doing, while Christian power slides from Europe and North America to Africa, Latin America, and other points South.

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Un ateu britanic despre rolul pozitiv al credintei in Africa


Ediţia electronică a ziarului britanic The Times publică un foarte interesant articol al lui Matthew Parris, un ateu britanic. Articolul, intitulat curajos, “Ca ateu, cred cu adevărat că Africa are nevoie de Dumnezeu!, argumentează că Africa nu are nevoie atât de mult de asistenţă financiară, cât de misionari creştini.

Vă las să vă dumiriţi singuri cu privire la argumentele care l-au convins pe Parris de adevărul acestei concluzii, chiar dacă asta nu l-a condus la credinţă.