A Second Century View of Adam

Here is a good lesson in Patristics for those of us who are not very familiar with the ways of the Church Fathers.
Who knows, maybe we (‘know it all’ kind of Christians) can a learn a thing or two from this.

Musings on Science and Theology

The church has been around for something like 2000 years. Christians have been wrestling with the scriptures, with the nature of God, trying to understand both Christ and Church for two millenia – well over 20 times the length of time any of us will have to wrestle with the issues. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before in many ways, and they all have insights from which we can learn much. They are wise who strive to understand those who came before. They are arrogant fools who think they have finally gotten it all right.

As a result we do well to consider the thinking of the early church fathers, not because they are authorities who got it right, but because they are fellow believers who strove, as we strive, to follow God. There are at least three powerful reasons this is valuable.

1. We…

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The Search for the Historical Adam 9 | Musings on Science and Theology

The Search for the Historical Adam 9 | Musings on Science and Theology.

A new article in this series of summaries on on the recent book by C. John Collins entitled Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care.

The Historical Adam and the Problem of Physical Evidence – Center for Faith and Science International

The Historical Adam and the Problem of Physical Evidence – Center for Faith and Science International.

The historicity of Adam and Eve is a controversy raging in evangelical circles in the US these days and it makes new victims.

The latest are  Professors John Schneider and Daniel Harlow from Calvin College in Grand Rapids (see HERE).

It is quite obvious that this discussion is here to stay, and, as the saying goes, ‘it is going to get worse before it gets better’.

See also a substantial article by Richard Ostling, on this theme, in Christianity Today.


A Letter from Adam and Eve – to Al Mohler

Dear Albert Mohler,

We hope this finds you well. First, we offer our congratulations for making it on the Colbert Show. That’s a fantastic show, and we tune in often. Second, we offer gratitude for fighting for people to believe in us. It’s an incredibly sweet act — our thank-you note is in the mail.

While we appreciate your remarkable interest in us, we think you’ve gotten us wrong. For example, you said, “When Adam sinned, he sinned for us, and it’s that very sinfulness that sets up our understanding of our need for a savior…. Without Adam, the work of Christ makes no sense whatsoever.”

While we understand your evangelical piety and unequivocal love for Jesus, we didn’t sin for you. We also didn’t sin to in order make relevant the work of someone born thousands of years after us. Continue reading “A Letter from Adam and Eve – to Al Mohler”