Graham Cheesman – Decaffeinated theological education

My friend Dr. Martyin Accad, from ABTS in Beirut recommended this blog post.

Cheesman defines ‘decaffeinated theological education’ as ‘theological education with the key ingredient, the life taken out. And the key ingredient? Love to God.’

He describes three kinds of such theological education:

1. EUT – enlightenment university theology, dis-interested, uncommitted theology – an investigation or study of the phenomenon called Christianity and a set of classical texts called scripture, all of which can be done without faith commitment. Continue reading “Graham Cheesman – Decaffeinated theological education”

17-21 June 2013, Beirut – Your Rights My Responsibilities


During the week of 17-21 June 2013, The Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) in Beirut, Lebanon organised its annual inter-faith conference (this was the 10th edition), under the leadership of my friend Dr. Martin Accad, the Director of IMES.

Martin invited me to be one of the contributors in this important meeting, together with Dr. Oaul Fiddes, Regent’s Park College, Oxford; Ehab el-Kharrat, senator in the Egyptian Parliament; Ziya Meral, a Turkish Christian activist living in the UK ; and Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia. At the conference were also invited as contributors a number of Muslin leaders, development workers and some civic activists. Continue reading “17-21 June 2013, Beirut – Your Rights My Responsibilities”

ABTS – Middle East Conference 2012

Dear friends of ABTS,

“If you throw a stone into a pool of water, the ripples on the surface continue for some time. The creation of the state of Israelin 1948 has had the same effect on the whole of the Middle East. The ripples from this event continue to affect the lives of everyone in the region, and increasingly in the whole world” (Colin Chapman, author of Whose Promised Land: the Continuing Crisis over Israel and Palestine).

This year’s Middle East Conference will focus on the Palestinian issue and the acute questions it raises for Christians. Through an honest exploration of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a deep engagement with biblical interpretation and theological principles, and direct interaction with realities on the ground, Christians from Lebanon, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, the US, and beyond, will spend five days reflecting on the Church’s responsibility in arguably one of today’s most important questions. Continue reading “ABTS – Middle East Conference 2012”

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary: Launching of Master of Religion in Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary :: Launching of Master of Religion in Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MRel in MENA Studies) | October 2012 | Beirut – Lebanon.

This two years degree is a very interesting masters degree programme, designed and led by my friend Dr Martin Accad.

It is frames especially for people who already have a job. It requires only 2 weeks of residential every year, the rest of it being based on online interaction with tutors.

Anybody interested could contact Diana Farhood, the Project Coordinator.

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