‘So many Baptists’ at Wild Goose

‘So many Baptists’ at Wild Goose.

ABP publishes a very interesting article on the Wild Goose Festival, that began on Thursday in the US. It underlines the presence of some Baptists at this event, but also discusses the opinions of some of the participants.

I attach here the article in PDF form, for those who want to save it.

So Many Baptists at Wild Goose


Despair as a blessing

Edvard Munch – Despair

Despair is the opposite of hope, a stellar Christian virtue, one of the three so=called ‘theological virtues’ – faith, hope, love – that St. Paul uses as a constant grid when he looks at the churches to which he writes his epistle.

This being the case, despair never had a very good name among Christians. Yet, maybe, just maybe, it is worth looking at this state of our mind with fresh eyes. If we dare to do so, we may be able to view it as ‘sister despair’, in the same manner that St, Francis of Assisi was talking about ‘sister death’. Continue reading “Despair as a blessing”

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