Ted Olsen despre relicve

Ted Olsen, Christianity Today

Cultul relicvelor (moaşte sau alte obiecte presupuse că ar fi aparţinut martirilor şi sfinţilor creştini), care este practicat de catolici şi ortodocşi, este o pricină de poticnire pentru mulţi protestanţi şi pentru aproape toţi evanghelicii.

Ted Olsen, un talentat editor de ştiri şi jurnalism online al revistei Christianity Today, mărturiseşte într-un articol de pe Christian History Blog că nici pentru el acest subiect nu este comod din punct de vedere teologic.

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Un manifest evanghelic


Ataşez mai jos textul integral, în limba română al Manifestului evanghelic.

(Traducerea, Daniel Lucescu. Editarea, Elena Goga şi Dănuţ Mănăstireanu.)


Un manifest evanghelic – partea I


Aşa cum anunţam pe blogul Agora Christi, reiau aici publicarea traducerii în limba română a tetxului intitulat An Evangelical Manifesto, dat publicităţii în 7 mai 2008 la National Press Club din Washington, DC. Site-ul documentului conţine, alături de lista semnatarilor şi alte date despre acesta, un rezumat şi un ghid de studiu. Continue reading “Un manifest evanghelic – partea I”

A prayer of Judah Halebi

Gods hiddenness
God's hiddenness

Lord, where shall I find you?

High and hidden is your place.

And where shall I not find you?

The world is full of your glory.

I have sought your nearness,

with all my heart I called you

and in going out to meet you

I found you coming in to meet me.

A Celtic Advent Liturgy


This is the last day of the Advent, the time of the year when, symbolically, liturgically and mystically, we await for the coming of the Lord.

I offer you today a little gift, from the richness of the Celtic spiritual tradition. (Upon request, I could send to those interested a power point version of this presentation.)

This Advent liturgy was inspired by a wonderful worship resource called Cloth for the Cradle, authored by John Bell and produced by Wild Goose Publications (for some reason, this link  is difficult to access at this time, but their resources are also available through Amazon.com), Wild Goose is the publishing arm of the Iona Community. I encourage you to explore this and other such resources produced by this most amazing worship leader I have ever met.

I mean John Bell, that you can see here in a typical pose, as he leads people in singing. I bet he can make any group sing almost any song, as complicated as it may be in less than five minutes.

It is worth visiting the mirific island of Iona, just to participate in a liturgy whene woprship is let by John Bell.

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