Ergun Caner admits he “became an idiot”

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The president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary has apologized for calling the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board a liar, saying he got carried away in an interview while criticizing a mission strategy used to evangelize Muslims.

In a Feb. 24 podcast on the SBC Today website, Ergun Caner, a former Muslim turned Southern Baptist who has written extensively labeling Islam a false religion, defended earlier statements critical of a strategy called the Camel Method. Continue reading “Ergun Caner admits he “became an idiot””

Victims of Radical Islam

Christianity’s Modern-Day Martyrs

The rise of Islamic extremism is putting increasing pressure on Christians in Muslim countries, who are the victims of murder, violence and discrimination. Christians are now considered the most persecuted religious group around the world. Paradoxically, their greatest hope could come from moderate political Islam. By SPIEGEL staff. Continue reading “Victims of Radical Islam”

WCC welcomes new Iraqi council of church leaders

“With great hope and deep satisfaction” the World Council of Churches (WCC) has welcomed the news that a Council of Christian Church Leaders of Iraq has been established.

“In our view, it is a development that augurs as much for the future of the churches in Iraq as it does for Iraq as a nation,” the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit wrote in an 18 February congratulatory message to the members of the new body.

The council includes all patriarchs, archbishops, bishops and heads of churches in Iraq from the 14 Christian communities registered in Iraq since 1982, belonging to the Catholic, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox as well as Protestant traditions. Continue reading “WCC welcomes new Iraqi council of church leaders”

Freedom of Religion and Apostasy in Islam

Abdullah Saeed & Hassan Saeed, Freedom of Religion and Apostasy in Islam, London: Ashgate,2004

Debate on freedom of religion as a human right takes place not only in the Western world but also in Muslim communities throughout the world. For Muslims concerned for this freedom, one of the major difficulties is the ‘punishment for apostasy’ – death for those who desert Islam. Continue reading “Freedom of Religion and Apostasy in Islam”

Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader

NAIROBI, Kenya (Compass Direct News) – Islamic extremists shot the leader of an underground church to death outside the capital city of Somalia this month and have threatened to kill his wife, his tearful widow told Compass.

Having learned that he had left Islam to become a Christian, Somali militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab murdered 41-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Ali at about noon on Jan. 1, Amina Ibrahim Hassan said. Continue reading “Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader”

It’s Really All About God

This is hilarious, isn’t it? Here is the link to the book and a presentation of the author. Here is also a link to Faith House Manhattan, the inter-faith community which he initiated. Continue reading “It’s Really All About God”

L’Église catholique se prépare à affronter l’islam politique – UPDATE

Le Pape convoque un synode sur le Moyen-Orient pour souder la diaspora chrétienne.

Le sort des dix-sept millions de chrétiens du Moyen-Orient – dont 5 millions de catholiques particulièrement affectés par une diaspora vers l’Occident – préoccupe beaucoup Benoît XVI. Il convoque à Rome, du 10 au 24 octobre prochain, l’ensemble des cent cinquante évêques résidents des dix-sept pays concernés, et des experts, pour un «synode spécial». Continue reading “L’Église catholique se prépare à affronter l’islam politique – UPDATE”

Et si les talibans étaient juifs?

Source: Le Figaro blog

Les talibans sont peut-être juifs… Du moins d’origine juive. C’est – en raccourci – ce que tente de vérifier le gouvernement d’Israël. Le ministère israélien des Affaires étrangères a décidé de financer des recherches visant à établir pour de bon si oui ou non, les Pachtouns (ethnie dont sont issus les talibans) descendent bien de l’une des dix tribus perdues d’Israël. Et c’est en Inde que s’effectueront ces recherches. Pour une raison évidente : elles sont impossibles à mener en Afghanistan et au Pakistan. Continue reading “Et si les talibans étaient juifs?”

Christmas 2009 in Bethlehem

Christmas 2009: Bethlehem with Summer Weather

Dr. Bernard Sabella
Jerusalem – January 9th 2010

Amidst summer in winter, as temperatures in the last week or so ranged in the upper teens and lower twenties, people in Bethlehem were enjoying an Australia or New Zealand Christmas. In Palestine, the joy of Christmas is usually associated with the overall political and economic situation and with the health standing of family members and not necessarily with the number of gifts one receives. The joy of Christmas is also tied to peace but, needless to say, there is still no peace in the land of Christ’s birth. The prospects for peace, so many times mistakenly heralded by the most powerful leaders do not excite people here anymore. Palestinians are no longer excited by promises and speeches made by prominent politicians to bring about peace and serenity. Continue reading “Christmas 2009 in Bethlehem”

Ankara, deschisa in privinta Scolii teologice de la Halki

Într-o declaraţie pentru cotidianul „Taraf“, preşedintele Direcţiei pentru afaceri religioase din Turcia, Ali Bardakoglu, şi vicepreşedintele aceluiaşi organism, Mehmed Gormez, s-au pronunţat în favoarea redeschiderii Şcolii teologice de la Halki, spunând că „este inacceptabil ca o minoritate religioasă să întâmpine dificultăţi în formarea clerului său şi în educaţia religioasă pe care vrea să o ofere copiilor săi“ şi adăugând că „indiferent de existenţa unor opinii divergente în această privinţă, Direcţia cultelor este datoare să privească problema din punctul de vedere al libertăţilor religioase“, informează

Cititi mai departe…

L’Eglise en Arabie Saoudite

L’évêque Paul Hinder, vicaire apostolique d’Arabie

«Nous sommes tolérés, mais pas populaires ici»
L’évêque Paul Hinder, plus haut responsable de l’Eglise catholique dans la péninsule arabique, est à la tête d’une communauté de deux millions de chrétiens mais il sait qu’il doit rester discret dans cette terre d’islam.

Basé à Abou Dhabi, le prélat d’origine suisse a la charge de cinq autres pays dont l’Arabie saoudite, où l’islam est la seule religion autorisée, les manifestations d’appartenance à une autre foi étant interdites. La plupart de ses ouailles dans la région doivent prier en secret et n’ont pas le droit d’arborer de symboles religieux. Continue reading “L’Eglise en Arabie Saoudite”

Journey through Thorns: A Palestinian’s Story

Born in 1973, a Gazan boy turns into a man and studies to become an expert in trauma therapy. He has his own family and is separated from them. He tells us about his long journey to make a life for himself and his family, and for the Gazans he has left behind.

I am a Palestinian. My family lived for generations in the village of Al-Maghar. In 1948, my grandparents and their whole family were expelled from Al-Maghar, uprooted and sent to the huts and narrow streets of a refugee camp 100 km. away. This was our Nakbah, or catastrophe. After sixty years, still they taste the bitterness of that loss and watch as the flames of that tragedy continue to burn. As a child I was used to living in one of the huts of the refugee camp, but as I got older and became aware of the discontent inside the family, I would pester my father with questions: Continue reading “Journey through Thorns: A Palestinian’s Story”

Iran – le mouvement de contestation à un tournant

Téhéran, le 27 décembre

Un régime “hors de contrôle”, “le début d’une nouvelle intifada”… Au lendemain des manifestations qui ont dégénéré à Téhéran et fait plusieurs morts, la presse internationale mesure l’ampleur de la contestation des autorités en place et y voit un véritable tournant pour le régime iranien. Continue reading “Iran – le mouvement de contestation à un tournant”

A Moment of Truth – An Important Document of Palestinian Christians

As Palestinian Christians we hope that this document will provide the turning point to focus the efforts of all peace-loving peoples in the world, especially our Christian sisters and brothers. We hope also that it will be welcomed positively and will receive strong support, as was the South Africa Kairos document launched in 1985, which, at that time proved to be a tool in the struggle against oppression and occupation. We believe that liberation from occupation is in the interest of all peoples in the region because the problem is not just a political one, but one in which human beings are destroyed. Continue reading “A Moment of Truth – An Important Document of Palestinian Christians”

Augustin Ioan despre votul elvetian pe tema minaretelor

Domnul Augustin Ioan publica in revista Dilema un foarte interesant comentariu arhitectural si de mentalitati pe tema referendumului elvetial legat de minarete, al carui verdict a fost negativ.

Aceasta tema a ocazionat comentarii patimase in ambele tabere. Domnul Ioan incearca sa aduca discutia pe terenul rationalitatii. Textul merita citit. Va transcriu aici un fragment, pentru a va stirni interesul: Continue reading “Augustin Ioan despre votul elvetian pe tema minaretelor”

Maxima zilei – Aripi

Josephine Wall – Wings

Te-ai nascut cu aripi. De ce preferi sa te tarasti prin viata?

(Sursa AICI.)

Continue reading “Maxima zilei – Aripi”

Kevin Rudd and the islamofobs

Kevin Rudd is my favourite international politician these days (as you may easily guess, I have no favourite among Romanian politicians). Here are a few reasons for my sympathy;

Continue reading “Kevin Rudd and the islamofobs”

Eid al-Adha

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Muslims celebrate today Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice. Here is how one of my colleagues, Perry Mansfield, National Director of World Vision Lebanon, explains the meaning of this celebration to our non-Muslim colleagues. Continue reading “Eid al-Adha”

The (Post)communist Dictatoriship in Uzbekistan – A Case for Religious Freedom

On a typical day, the July 29 Associated Baptist Press headline I read, “Uzbekistan charges Baptist camp with crimes,” would catch my attention, but quickly give way to other matters. However, this particular July 29 was no typical day, as I was preparing for a 12-day journey that was to include seven days in Uzbekistan. The itinerary included a meeting with Pavel Peychev — the president of the Baptist Union of Uzbekistan, and one of three charged with tax evasion and illegally teaching religion to children as detailed in the article.

I traveled to Uzbekistan with a group of pastors and mission leaders from the United States, as well as friends from Eastern Europe. During our trip we met with church leaders and heard their stories, while also searching for ways to collaborate on training in theological education.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

Note: Dr. Otniel Bunaciu, President of the Romanian Baptist Union, was part of this delegation.

Christian Woman in Somalia Killed for Refusing to Wear the Veil


According to an October 27 report from Compass Direct, Amina Muse Ali (45) was murdered in her home in Galkayo, Puntland region, Somalia on the evening of October 19 by three masked members of Suna Waljameca, a militant Islamic group. Ali had earlier received threats from militants for not wearing a veil to show her adherence to Islam.

(Read more HERE.)

A Pilgrim’s Progress – the Muslim version

Farooq Ahmed, a writer based in Brooklin, New York, describes in a fascinating article in Financial Times, his reluctant pilgrimage to Mecca. “Reluctant” because he self-describes himself as being, at best left-of-centre in terms of faith.

Nevertheless, this religious experience makes him reflect more profoundly not only at his own “faith”, as much as it is, but also at people of other faiths.

Read the article HERE.

Leonard Cohen – Concert pentru reconciliere, toleranta si pace


Artistul canadian de origine evreiască Leonard Cohen a susţinut la Tel Aviv, în seara de 24 septembrie 2009, un concert dedicat reconcilierii, toleranţei şi păcii între evrei şi palestinieni.

Cohen a concertat de două ori şi în România, în septembrie 2008 şi septembrie 2009. El are mulţi admiratori în România. Unul dintre ei, Mircea MIhăieş, a publica în 2005 la Polirom cartea Viata, patimile si cintecele lui Leonard Cohen.

Solicitat de Comitetul palestinian pentru boicotarea academică şi culturală a Israelului să-şi anuleze concertul din Tel Aviv, Cohen a sugerat să susţină în paralel un concert la Ramallah, capitala Teritoriilor Palestiniene. El a fost însă refuzat .

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A Common Word Conference – 7-8 Oct 2009, Georgetown University


Georgetown University organises on 7-8 October 2009 the conference A Common Word Between Us and You: A Global Agenda for Change. World Vision International will be represented at this conference by Dr. David Robinson, one of the specialists in Islam in our organisation. He will participate, with other NGO leaders, in a panel discussion on The Role of International NGOs in a Pluralistic World (see below the agenda of the conference).

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Biserica arsa in Punjab, Pakistan

church in Sialkot

Biserică romano-catolică arsă recent în Punjab

Vineri 11 septembrie, un grup violent de musulmani a pus foc unei biserici în satul Jaithikey, aproape de Sialkot, în Punjab. Este tocmai zona pe care am vizitat-o în timpul călătoriei mele în Pakistan din acest an.

Iată povestea, tragică şi atât de tipică acestei zone: Continue reading “Biserica arsa in Punjab, Pakistan”

Another Day in Gaza


Lifting of the siege the only hope of a quarantined people

By Joe Harbison, Interim National Director, World Vision Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza

 [September 21 marks International Peace Day. Recently World Vision’s Director for Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza witnessed ordinary life in Gaza, so far from the ideals of International Peace Day].

Gaza,1.5 million people crammed into an urban island pock marked by bullets and bombs. Where the slow cascade of partially destroyed buildings implode upon themselves after a war that is not allowed to be grieved over or repaired.  Gazans, over 50% of whom are under 18, crowd the chaos seemingly oblivious to their poverty, the rubble and the cars that roar along the streets.

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WCC Central Committee meeting

WCC Central Committee 2009

Statements on public issues

The WCC Central Committee passed a series of public statements and minutes:

Pakistan’s blasphemy law. The committee called on the government of Pakistan to “guarantee the rights of all religious minorities in the country”. It also stated that Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law has become “a major source of victimization and persecution” of religious minorities who are living “in a state of fear and terror”. Read more

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Armenia si Turcia pe drumul reconcilierii


Agenţia Associated Press anunţă un fapt mult aşteptat. Guvernele Armeniei şi Turcie au acceptat să înceapă negocieri pentru stabilirea relaţiilor diplomatice între cele două ţări.

Relaţiile turco-armene sunt îngheţate de aproape o sută de ani, după genocidul din 1915, în care circa două milioane de armeni au fost omorâţi de turci în timpul tulburărilor care au dus la destrămarea Imperiului Otoman la sfârşitul Primului Război Mondial. Statul turc, moştenitorul Imperiului Otoman, refuză cu obstinaţie să recunoască responsabilitatea Turciei cu privire la această teribilă tragedie.

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Au inceput alegerile in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Election
Sursa: Associated Press

Joi 20 august au început alegerile prezidenţiale în Afghanistan. Continue reading “Au inceput alegerile in Afghanistan”

Batrinii planuiesc sa viziteze Gaza in august

Grupul Bătrânilor, despre care am mai vorbit AICI şi AICI, anunţă că va vizita la sfârşitul lunii august fâşia Gaza, pentru a evalua la faţa locului dezastrul umanitar care a urmat ultimei intervenţii a armatei israeliene. Aşa cum arată sit-ul oficial al grupului,

The Elders’ delegation will be led by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and will also include Ela Bhatt, Gro Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson and Desmond Tutu. Continue reading “Batrinii planuiesc sa viziteze Gaza in august”

Crestini persecutati in Pakistan

Bible burned2

Cu câteva zile în urmă vă prezentam (AICI) tragicele evenimente petrecute la Gojra, în Pakistan, unde mulţimi furioase de musulmani, aţâţate de vestea (falsă) a unei presupuse profanări a Coranului, au distrus peste o sută de case şi au făcut cel puţin 14 victime, unele dintre ele arse de vii.

Vă prezint acum mai jos o serie de fotografii care atestă cele întâmplate pe data de 1 august în provincia Punjab din Pakistan. Continue reading “Crestini persecutati in Pakistan”