Christians Protecting Praying Muslims in Egypt

Egyptian Christians forming a massive human shield to protect their Muslim countrymen as they prayed during the violent protests yesterday. Beauty amid the chaos. (Source, NevineZaki, by Twitter)

SolidariTEA – Redefining Solidarity – An Initiative of Tony Blair Foundation

For 10 days in December, religious congregations, community groups, university students, and school children around the world took some time to show SolidariTea and take action to tackle extreme poverty.

People came together across religious, national and cultural divides to send a powerful message of solidarity and optimism. Continue reading “SolidariTEA – Redefining Solidarity – An Initiative of Tony Blair Foundation”

Salman Taseer with Asia Bibi

Just days before his death, Salman Taseer had sent out a New Years message via Twitter, saying “I am full of optimism.” Here he is pictured during a visit to Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian minority woman, who was sentenced to death by a local court for blasphemy last year. Taseer was targeted because of his critique of the blasphemy law under which Bibi was convicted.

(Source o the picture and text: Der Spiegel ; see HERE the whole photo gallery in which this picture was included.)

Working for ‘the good of all’ vs. ‘those of the family of faith’

Martin Marty discusses in his last Sightings, titled ‘Martyrdom and Acquiescence’, about the way in which Western media (especially in the United States) reflects the persecution of Christians and the way in which this is an occasion for some ‘hawks’  (the Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steve Huntley, in particular – see HERE) to articulate their Islamophobic agenda.

Marty rightly aske:

Should America undertake armed intervention in the “top 10 countries that are most dangerous for Christians to practice their religion in?” (Eight of these are Muslim, according to some assessments). Continue reading “Working for ‘the good of all’ vs. ‘those of the family of faith’”

‘Live together, die together’ – A Tense Christmas in Egypt

(Photo: Bill Grimes)

There were the usual chanted liturgies and wafting smells of incense, but church services on Coptic Christmas Eve in Egypt were different this year.

Christians had to park their cars long distances away from their places of worship and pass through extra security cordons just to enter for the customary late-night Mass that begins festive celebrations.

Many wore black to remember the 21 people killed in an attack on their community in Alexandria just five nights before. Continue reading “‘Live together, die together’ – A Tense Christmas in Egypt”

Patriarhul Bartolomeu I, angajat in mod ferm in dialogul ecumenic si inter-religios

23.12.2010, Istanbul (Catholica) – În contextul apropierii sărbătorii Crăciunului, Patriarhul Bartolomeu I al Constantinopolului a ţinut un discurs în faţa unei audienţe formată din reprezentanţi ai lumii ortodoxe, informează AsiaNews, discurs în care a apărat poziţia Patriarhiei ecumenice în favoarea dialogului, atât ecumenic cât şi inter-religios. “Vom insista pe dialog, în ciuda criticilor care ni se aduc. Există, din păcate, un anumit fundamentalism religios, un fenomen tragic, ce se regăseşte între ortodocşi şi între catolici, între musulmani şi între evrei. Sunt oameni care cred că doar ei au dreptul să existe pe pământ, ca şi cum doar ei ar avea dreptul să conducă planeta. Şi spun că nu mai este spaţiu pentru alţii, şi deci se opun oricărei forme de dialog.” Continue reading “Patriarhul Bartolomeu I, angajat in mod ferm in dialogul ecumenic si inter-religios”

Mark Gall – Evangelising Ourselves

Those who read this blog know already how much I like Mark Galli. Here is another short text of his that is a good reason for meditation and soul searching for all of us. Enjoy!

* * *

Evangelizing Ourselves

The gospel is for Christians too.

When Christians share their faith with others—especially those of other faiths—our conversation sometimes begins with an unfortunate assumption: that we Christians have absorbed the message of Jesus and that non-Christians have not. That we are on the righteous side of God’s ledger, and that Muslims and Jews are the sinners’ side. We are near to God, and Buddhists and Hindus are far from God. Our conversation implicitly assumes that non-Christians need spiritual help and we do not so much. Non-Christians are lost, and we are not; people of other faiths need to hear the words of the gospel, and we do not. Continue reading “Mark Gall – Evangelising Ourselves”

Slogan : ‘I am a Muslim, and I reject the persecution of Christians’

The slogan, in Arabic, reads: ‘I am a Muslim, and I reject the persecution of Christians’. I wish we could see more of these in the Muslim world. And less Islamophobia in the west.

It was presented in an Al Jazeera programme dated 25 November 2010, presenting a protest in Cairo. You may find the clip below. The slogan appears at the 0.17 mark in the video clip. Here is the recording: Continue reading “Slogan : ‘I am a Muslim, and I reject the persecution of Christians’”

How Can Christians Communicate what We Believe Without Being Denigrating or Inflammatory?

Those who read this blog on a regular basis (they are not many,  I am sure, but quality rather than numbers is what matters) know I am a big fan of Mark Galli, from Christianity Today.

This time I recommend a text where he discusses the topic of dialogue, Since this is a very actual matter in Romanian Evangelicalism (I want to say, the lack of it), I suggest we could all benefit from engaging with Galli’s pointed argument. Here are a few quotes, for a teaser. Continue reading “How Can Christians Communicate what We Believe Without Being Denigrating or Inflammatory?”

In Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

My World Vision colleague Dave Robinson has just received the following message:

Respected Mr David A. Robinson,

I pray to God Almighty that this email finds you and all your loved ones in the best of health.

The Al-Khoei Foundation in London organised a memorial ceremony in solidarity with victims of terrorist attacks throughout the world, in
particular the horrific massacre, which targeted our Christian brothers and sisters whilst they were worshipping at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad. This was held on Saturday 13th November. Continue reading “In Solidarity with Iraqi Christians”

A Muslim scholar on the Christians in Iraq

Thought for the Day, 16 November 2010

Prof. Mona Siddiqui

When watching tv images of war-torn areas, I have often wondered what it would be like to survive in a country going through real conflict. For I have never lived in a society which is fragmented, torn or divided through war or hatred. I’ve never felt that my house might be snatched away from me or that one day I may be forced to run, start all over again in a distant land surrounded by strange faces and unfamiliar voices. Continue reading “A Muslim scholar on the Christians in Iraq”

Muslims and Christians to meet in Geneva to build a common future

Muslims and Christians to meet in Geneva to build a common future

via Muslims and Christians to meet in Geneva to build a common future.

Sinodul episcopilor catolici din Orientul Apropiat

In perioada 10-24 octombrie are loc la Vatican Sinodul episcopilor catolici din Orientul Apropiat, un eveniment unic, cu importante implicatii pentru aceasta regiune a lumii.

Iata mai jos un articol de pe situl Catholica despre aceasta reuniune: Continue reading “Sinodul episcopilor catolici din Orientul Apropiat”

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan – A Pakistani Martyr for Peace

This is a very sad night for me. I have just received news that a good friend in Pakistan, Dr.Muhammad Farooq Khan, has been killed today in the Swat Valley. He was for a long time on the Taliban hit list, because of his moderate views. He was a good man and a man of peace. The world will be poorer without him. May Allah rest him in peace!

I have met Dr. Farooq a few years ago in Istanbul, at a Channels of Hope training. Channels of Hope is a World Vision programme training Christian and Muslim leaders on alleviation of stygma related to HIV & AIDS.

After this training, Dr. Farooq, a well known psychiatrist and a public personality of national stature in Pakistan, has been involved in training Muslim leaders in his country for using this effective methodology. Continue reading “Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan – A Pakistani Martyr for Peace”

Robert Hunt on Religious Freedom

Dr. Robert A. Hunt

There is a lot of discussion these days about the supposed superiority of the ‘Christian’ West on Muslim (and other world faiths) societies in terms of religious freedom, as well as a lot of ignorance concerning the ambivalent and slow development of this concept in Christian societies.

In the article quoted below, Dr. Robert A. Hunt, an expert on Contemporary Muslim societies and movements, Muslim-Christian relations, inter-religious relations as well as inter-religious and inter-faith dialogue, brings us with our feet on the ground and advises us, implicitly, to approach this matter with much more caution, humility and patience towards others, avoiding to impose on them, against their will (by force, or otherwise) our worldviews, as superior as they may be. Continue reading “Robert Hunt on Religious Freedom”

Testamentul spiritual al Fratelui Christian de Chergé

Când se profilează un „Adio”

Dacă mi s-ar întâmpla într-o bună zi – poate chiar astăzi – să cad victimă terorismului care pare să-i ţintească acum pe toţi străinii care trăiesc în Algeria, mi-aş dori ca obştea mănăstirii mele, Biserica mea, familia mea, să-şi amintească de faptul că viaţa mea a fost DĂRUITĂ lui Dumnezeu şi acestei ţări.

Să accepte că singurul Stăpân al vieţii tuturor nu a fost nicidecum străin de această plecare violentă. Să se roage pentru mine: oare cum mă voi afla vrednic de o asemenea ofrandă? Să ştie să pună această moarte alături de atâtea altele, la fel de violente, lăsate în indiferenţa anonimatului. Viaţa mea nu este mai de preţ decât o alta. Nu este nici mai prejos decât o alta. În orice caz, ea nu are nevinovăţia copilăriei. Am trăit îndeajuns de mult să mă ştiu complice răului care vai, pare să predomine în lume, şi chiar şi-al celui care m-ar lovi orbeşte. Continue reading “Testamentul spiritual al Fratelui Christian de Chergé”

Religious Intolerance in Kosova

I have received recently the English translation of an article published in Albania, in the Kosova media, about the growing religious intolerance in this new country. The author, Nga Gani Mehmetaj, is a known journalist and director of KosovaFilm, a state-owned film company. He is a member of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Kosova.

The translation is far from perfect, but it is good enough to be understood by those who do not know Albanian.

Please read below the translated text. The original article can be found HERE.

Continue reading “Religious Intolerance in Kosova”

Can Muslims and Christians Live Together in Peace?

Here is quote from an article I read today:

…it is simplistic to blame the media for misrepresenting the history of relations between Christians and Muslims when neither group is willing to engage the reality outside the media’s fantasy world.

Sounds intriguing? Read below this a article By Robert A. Hunt

This is Part One of a two-part series on Christian/Muslim relations. Continue reading “Can Muslims and Christians Live Together in Peace?”

Liberty University Finally Decides to Investigate the Lies of Ergun Caner – NEW UPDATE

Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, the self-appointed expert in Islam and a staunch promoter of Islamophobia among American Evangelicals, has been accused in the last years, on various blogs and lately in the media, of being a fraud and a liar.

Continue reading “Liberty University Finally Decides to Investigate the Lies of Ergun Caner – NEW UPDATE”

Richard Mouw – Building the Bridge: Evangelicals and Muslims Together

Dr. Richard J Mouw

It is a great honor for me to be invited to speak to you this evening. I care deeply about the kind of in-depth dialogue that you folks are engaged in at this conference, and I am honored by the very fact that you would ask me to add some of my own thoughts to the discussion. I have to be clear at the outset, though, about something that I hope you know already: that when it comes to the in-depth understanding of the subject matter of this conference, I am at best an amateur among experts. But I do care deeply about relationships between evangelicals and Muslims. And the fact that the title of this conference refers to the larger context of “religion in the public square” gives me a little bit of encouragement, since I have devoted much energy to thinking about, and contributing to, the broader dialogue about religion and public life.

Continue reading “Richard Mouw – Building the Bridge: Evangelicals and Muslims Together”

Evangelical Christians and Muslims Engage in Bridges of Faith Conversation

May 17, 2010

Evangelical Christians and Muslims Engage in “Bridges of Faith” Conversation

Toronto – Evangelical Christian and Muslim scholars and religious leaders met May 13-15 in Toronto for the fourth in a series of “extended conversations” between the two faith traditions. The dialogue, titled “Foundations of Our Faith: Religion in the Public Square,” is part of an ongoing effort to “reach out across the religious boundaries despite the recognized differences in some of our essential religious beliefs,” according to organizers.

Continue reading “Evangelical Christians and Muslims Engage in Bridges of Faith Conversation”

The Diary of A Psychiatrist – Update

The Diary of A Psychiatrist, an extremely interesting film by my friend Khalid Hussain, a window into real life in Pakistan, including the conflict between the Muslim majority and the Christian minority.

Continue reading “The Diary of A Psychiatrist – Update”

Raportul consfatuirii inter-religioase cu tema „Convertirea – evaluarea realitatii”

Lariano/Velletri (Italia): 12-16 mai 2006

Eveniment organizat de Consiliul Pontifical pentru Dialogul Inter-religios, Cetatea Vaticanului, şi Oficiul pentru Relaţii şi Dialog Inter-religios al Consiliului Mondial al Bisericilor, Geneva. Continue reading “Raportul consfatuirii inter-religioase cu tema „Convertirea – evaluarea realitatii””