Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome


Nicholas – Poezie pentru Mos Craciun

Nepotul nostru, Nicholas Sebastian, mezinul familiei, la serbarea de Craciun de anul acesta.

A Rocha – Transformation: A Children’s Video

A Rocha is an international Christian conservation NGO working working to show God’s love for all creation. In the UK we have major projects in west London and Oxfordshire, and a growing network of local projects , partnerships, community groups and partner churches. This children’s video tells the story of the transformation of a wasteland into Minet Country Park.

The boys’ choir that walked out on its audience

Universal Children’s Day was on November, 20th

Every three seconds the world loses a child. Again, this year many children will not see their fifth birthday. The reasons for this tragedy are diverse; hunger, malnutrition, dirty water or the absence of vaccine protection. Every single one of these problems can weaken the immune system so much that avoidable diseases lead to life-threatening danger.

Support Children’s Health, Choose Breastfeeding – TV Ad in Lebanon

This is the clip that I liked the most, from all those presented at the recent strategy meeting.  of World Vision LebanonVery well done.

Breast-feeding is Pure Goodness! For Children’s Health, Support Breast-feeding! As part of the Breast-feeding campaign World Vision in partnership with the International Orthodox Christian Charities is launching in March 2012, this Public Service TV Ad, filmed with the support of the Ministry of Public Health.

When children are given the gift of choice

This is a splendid documentary. Watch how smart is the girl speaking beginning at minute1:53

World Vision began laying the foundation to bring children’s voices to the forefront of the discussion of children’s situation in Akkar, North of Lebanon. It is a new approach in a country where children are often seen, but seldom heard. And when they’re asked, they have plenty to say and they don’t mince their words.

Rev. Mae Cannon – A Stone’s Throw. Child Detention in the Palestinian Territories

You may read the entire article in the PDF file attached below.

Mae Cannon – A Stones Throw

A Poverty Solution That Starts With a Hug – NYTimes.com

A Poverty Solution That Starts With a Hug – NYTimes.com.

Please read this remarcable article by Nick Kristof (I like him more and more) from New York Time.

Thanks to Scot McKnight for the link.

Lăsaţi copiii să vină la mine… « Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co

Lăsaţi copiii să vină la mine… « Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co.

Un text al lui Alex Nadaban despre locul si importanta copiilor in voiata bisericii care ar merita citit.

Churches proclaim child theology imperative to Christian ministries

Otto van Veen – Let the Children Come to Me

While 2.2 billion of the world’s population is children, churches both in South and North have often ignored children amidst God’s ministries. Children’s issues, their place in churches and children’s rights in the world, all need a strong united Christian voice.

By acknowledging this need, the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Theological Education programme is stressing the need for child theology by joining a recent conference followed by a book, as an integral component in children’s education and spiritual growth.

The programme engages with churches, renewal movements and theological institutions to recognize children’s great potential in Christian mission. This naturally connects to Christ’s compelling action of bringing children to the centre of attention, “and he took the child, and put him in the midst of them and said, whoever receives such a child in my name, receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me,” (Mark 9:36.)  Continue reading “Churches proclaim child theology imperative to Christian ministries”

Garcons et filles – pourquoi les differences?

Note: Since the starting point for it is in French, I will write this post in (my quite approximate) French. Those English readers that are interested in this topic, but cannot read French may use Google Translate to make some sens of it.

Le Figaro a publie toute une excellente serie d’articles dedie au debat sur les sources des differences entre garcons et filles. Le point de depart est le livre de Lise Eliot (traduit de l’Anglais) Cerveau rose, cerveau bleu. Les neurones ont-ils un sexe?, qui va paraitre en France le 1 Septembre 2011.

Je vais resumer ici les dix conseils de l’auteur pour aider the garcons et les filles a s’epanouir, et j’espere que vous allez etre interesses a lire ces articles. Continue reading “Garcons et filles – pourquoi les differences?”

The Child Soldiers of Burma

Thanks to  my friend Rob Kilpatrick for this link.

Letter to God

Teachers at a Scottish church primary school asked children to write the following letter:

“To God,
How did you get invented?”

Alex Renton, a British journalist and non-believing father of one of the children emailed the letter to various church institutions, with very little response, if any: to the Scottish Episcopal Church (no reply), the Presbyterians (ditto) and the Scottish Catholics (a nice but theologically complex answer).

Finally he also sent the letter to “the head of theology of the Anglican Communion, based at Lambeth Palace”. Here is the response she got: Continue reading “Letter to God”

Rafael & Nicholas in the Water Ball

Thomas in the Water Ball

Generatia urmatoare – un mesaj tulburator

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Ce are a face Tatal Domnului Isus cu Spiderman 3?

Zilele astea cei trei nepoti ai nostri de la Iasi au fost cam amariti. De mai multe luni se roaga de mama lor sa faca un upgrade de RAM la computer ca sa poata juca Spiderman 3, un joc video pe care l-au jucat la hotel la mare si de care s-au indragostit. Cei trei nazdravani, Thomas – 7 ani jumate, Rafael – aproape 6  ani si Nicholas, aproape 4 ani,  sunt la virsta costumelor cu Batman si Spiderman si a fascinatiei cu Zorro si Ninja Turtles. Continue reading “Ce are a face Tatal Domnului Isus cu Spiderman 3?”

Prayers and Children

A protestant priest, having started a family, no longer had any peace for his prayers. One night, when he knelt down, he was disturbed by the children in the living room.”Have the children keep quiet!” he shouted. His startled wife obeyed. Thereafter, whenever the priest came home, they all maintained silence during prayers. But he realised that God was no longer listening. Continue reading “Prayers and Children”

The Christmas Story Told by Children

(Thanks to Philip Hunt for this.}

The Story of Jonah

Amy Julia Becker – Doctrine in Diapers

This is, I suggest, an absolute read for parents with small children, or grand parents, like me:

For a few years now, we’ve begun our family meals with a blessing. We started with “The Lord’s Been Good to Me,” otherwise known in our household as “Johnny Appleseed.” The song’s theology is pretty innocuous. It acknowledges God’s existence and says a basic thank you. Then we introduced “Thank you Father” (to the tune of “Frere Jacque”), which gets a little more personal because it introduces the concept of God as Father. Continue reading “Amy Julia Becker – Doctrine in Diapers”

Pir Wadhai – Terminal Life – An Extraordinary Documentary

Half the population of Pir Wadhai, Pakistan’s busiest open air bus terminal, is under 15.  Eighty percent have been working since they were three, or younger. Continue reading “Pir Wadhai – Terminal Life – An Extraordinary Documentary”

The Search Squad

The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had not phoned in sick one day. Having an urgent problem with one of the main computers, he dialed the employee’s home phone number and was greeted with a child’s whisper.


‘Is your daddy home? he asked.

‘Yes,’ whispered the small voice.

‘May I talk with him?’

The child whispered, ‘No.’

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Jester – un nou personaj de poveste


Un anunţ pentru bunici şi părinţi.

A apărut nu demult un blog, intitulat Povestea lui Jester, de pe care pot fi descărcate gratuit poveşti foarte frumoase. Cei interesaţi se pot abona şi vor fi anunţaţi pe email când este disponibilă pentru download o nouă poveste.

Vă doresc seri frumoase de poveste, cu copiii şi nepoţii.

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Staying Home

Lisa-Minodora Manastireanu

I’m staying home from school today
I’d rather be in bed
Pretending that I have a pain
That’s pounding in my head.

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