2018 – Ferenc Visky Memorial Year


A leader of the evangelical renewal movement within the Hungarian Reformed church, but having an influence far beyond its limits, was born 100 years ago on July 1, 1918. He was a leader in a spiritual sense, never in a formal-institutional way. Undoubtedly, his worldwide influence came not from any power-dominant background, but only by his preaching of the Word of God, the good news of redemption and freedom, “in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2). His knowledge was coupled with modesty and humour, and his preaching proved to be a lively testimony of a man called by the Spirit, who captured and launched countless listeners on the way to recognising the Saviour and themselves.

Remembering him, we evoke the blessings of the life of a community man. Ferenc Visky was condemned 60 years ago in Romania as the main defendant in the “Bethanyist trial” and was imprisoned along with other pastors, elders, and ordinary church members, including two women. Their renewal-resistance movement, considered dangerous by the communist dictatorship of the time, encompassed practically the whole of Transylvania and, even in the darkest times, announced the real power of the unquenchable freedom which can be found in Christ.

We remember and celebrate a particularly rich, joyful and hopeful life, but the various centenary events – a memorial conference, a traveling exhibition, the inauguration of a memorial place and archive, the republishing of books, the releasing of new publications – aim to focus attention not on the past or on one man, but on our present situation and on the contemporary challenges of Jesus’ mission command: thus they are not only a survey of an exceptionally rich and living spiritual heritage but, at the same time, they weigh our present day community life, in the words of Ferenc Visky, “with faith and humour”.

With love, in the name of the organizing team:
Ferenc Visky 100

Organizing team:
Pro Christo et Ecclesia
Koinónia Publishing
Museum of Satu Mare County
Reformed Diocese of Satu Mare
Reformed Church of Szigetlanka, Satu Mare
Luminaxis Studio
Reformed Church of Agris
Mayor’s Office of Agris

Draft program*

1st July
– Birthday memorial sermon in Agris 21st August – Ferenc Visky 100 Memorial Year. “With Faith and Humour”. A discussion with András Visky about the imprisoned, movement founder, community man, and father of seven, Ferenc Visky, author of the recently republished books “Fogoly vagyok (I Am a Prisoner)” and “Anti”, by Koinónia Publishing.

28th September – “Faith and Power”. Historical conference. Organizers: Museum of Satu Mare County, Council of Satu Mare County, Pro Christo et Ecclesia, Ferenc Visky 100. Location: Satu Mare.

28–30th September – National Christian Endeavour Conference – Ferenc Visky 100 Memorial. Organizers: Pro Christo et Ecclesia, Reformed Diocese of Satu Mare, Reformed Church of Szigetlanka–Satu Mare, Ferenc Visky 100. Location: Satu Mare.

29th September – Ferenc Visky 100 Travelling Exhibition. Opening. Organizers: Luminaxis Studio, Ferenc Visky 100. Location: Satu Mare. The exhibition starts from this location to the planned venues and then fulfils the invitations.

29th September – Unveiling of Plaque and awarding of Honorary Citizenship in Agris. Organizers: Mayor’s Office of Agris, Pro Christo et Ecclesia, Reformed Diocese of Satu Mare, Ferenc Visky 100

Koinónia Publishing is preparing a new daily devotional book by Ferenc Visky, as well as reprints of “The Foolishness of God” and “Anti”. If you would like to assist in organizing, or if you would like to financially support the Ferenc Visky 100 event, please email:

viskyferenc100@gmail.com, or call: +40 755 853 287 (Sarolta Visky)!

* The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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