A Cry for Help from Jerusalem

TJerusalem by night

I have just received a desperatee call for help from a very good Christian Palestinian friend. It is related to the implications of the recent decision of the American president to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

My friend is telling me that more and more of the evangelical churches in Palestine (representing something like 1% of the Palestinian Christians, who are, themselves, about 1% of the entire Palestinian population in the West Bank) are adopting a Zionist theology, in an attempt to schmooze American churches to support them financially (you may rightly call it ecclesial prostitution). This is, of course, a luxury that historical churches in Palestine (not only Greek Orthodox, Melkite, and Latin churches, but also Anglicans and Lutherans) do not have.

The immediate implication is that Palestinian (and Jewish) Christians are caught in the cross fire, between Jewish and Islamic fanatics and terrorists. As  result, more and more Palestinian Christians are emigrating, the risk being that, in a few decades, the entire Christian population of Palestine will disappear, which, in fact seems to be the unspoken goal of Netanyahu and of (mostly American) Christian Zionists. This being the case, there is no worry about such a risk among the majority of American evangelicals (who form the largest majority of American Zionists).

On the other side, I have heard with my own ears, twice, in two different years, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority saying explicitly that peace in the Middle east is absolutely impossible if the Christian population disappears from this region. (Have you ever heard Netanyahu say that? And, if not, have you asked yourself why it is so?)

This is, in a few words, the conundrum facing the Christian community in the (not so) holy land. And, in his despair, my good friend is asking: what can WE do, as Palestinian Christians, to prevent this disaster from happening? And, he adds, what can YOU do?

I leave this question with you, for reflection and prayer.

May our Lord have mercy on his Church in Israel/Palestine, which the church in the west has long left behind, because of the Zionist heresy!

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “A Cry for Help from Jerusalem”

  1. Nu spun ca fatarnicia nu ma cuprinde. Totusi, am citit odata pe-aci- parca- ceva scris de Alex despre un seminar din Bethleem. Nu stiu daca intelesesem eu bine dar am inteles ca e din Betleemul din Palestina si am convins biserica sa trimita sustinere financiara in anul acela. In rest, contactele noastre sunt cu emigranti din Orientul Mijlociu -mai ales crestini dar nu numai- si nu stiu sa avem vreun contact in Palestina. Desi nu credeti, am sa incerc sa vad daca putem stabili vreun contact. Faptul ca suntem porecliti “sionisti” nu inseamna ca nu avem simt fata de crestinii palestinieni; dar suntem subiectivi in confictul palestiniano-evreu..


  2. Da, am observat ca nu puteti dormi de atita grija pentru crestinii palestinieni. Eu zic sa o lasati mai moale cu fatarnicia asta pocaita, ca mi s-a intors de mult de la ea.


  3. Situatia crestinilor din Palestina este intr-adevar grea. Nu stiu de ce oamenii trebuie etichetati printr-o atitudine sectara. Daca evanghelicii din Palestina cred (corect dupa Biblie) ca Ierusalimul e capitala Israelului sunt etichetati drept sionisti. Am vazut citate de-ale musulmanilor care spun ca si dupa Coran, Ierusalimul e-al evreilor. Nu cunosc Coranul si nu ma pronunt. Nu stiu de ce zice autorul ca sionistii americani vor sa-i vada pe crestini afara din Palestina. Dimpotriva! Evanghelicii americani sunt interesati in evanghelizarea palestinienilor insisi. Despre Ierusalim citeva detalii.
    1-Majoritatea palestinenilor nici nu vor sa recunoasca cum ca va fi existat vreodaat un templu iudeu in Ierusalim!
    2-Ierusalimul n-a apartinut niciodata Palestinei. A apartinut evreilor, otomanilor, iordanienilor si evreilor din nou.
    3- A surprins reactia palida a arabilor la declaratia americana vs. Ierusalim. Arabii sunt actualmente mai ingrijorati de Iran decit de capitala Israelului.
    4- Protestele iranienilor -primite cu plictiseala de lumea occidentala- au declarat opozitia fata de finantarea Hezboulath si indiferenta fata de problema palestiniana. Interesul pretins al multor musulmani fata de problema israeliana e mai mult ura fata de Israel.
    Da, sunt de-acord crestinii sunt prinsi la mijloc in conflictele din orientul mijlociu… si alungati din Irac/Siria, Liban… dar nu de catre evrei.


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