CSW – Prayer Diary: Sudan

Sudan has been on our minds a lot this year with the case of Reverend Hassan, Reverend Kuwa, Mr Jašek and Mr Abdumawla, all of whom were on trial on unjust charges last year. The men went through many months of imprisonment, separated from their families and frequently enduring harsh conditions. But God is good – Rev Kuwa was found innocent of all charges and released in January 2017. Mr Jašek received a presidential pardon and was freed in February, and in May both Mr Abdumawla and Rev Hassan were set free after receiving a presidential pardon. This, of course, exists in a wider context of extreme pressure on Christians in Sudan: let’s pray through the things they’re facing this week (source, HERE).

  • Today, please thank God for the eventual release of all the men involved in the Sudan Four trial. It was a lengthy and often difficult process, and we’re so grateful to everyone who campaigned, prayed and tweeted on their behalf. They’re free at last!
  • Today, please pray for unity and protection for the churches in Sudan: a number of them have been given just 24 hours’ notice that their buildings will be demolished and land confiscated.
  • The demolition of churches in Sudan is especially hard-hitting because the government has stated it won’t issue any new licences for churches to be built. Please pray for safe places for Christians to gather and an end to this policy soon.
  • One of the ways in which the Sudanese government exerts pressure on churches is by asking church leaders to report to local security services: a process that can take all day, severely hindering church activities. Pray that this kind of intimidation would become a thing of the past.
  • Today, please pray for Mr Rafat Obid, who is the chair of the Sudan Evangelical Church’s lands and buildings committee. He’s been charged with impersonation, forgery and criminal misappropriation – this is a way for the government to interfere with the running of the business of the church.
  • As the week draws to a close, today please pray for Sudanese refugees who have had to flee war and persecution: that God would protect them on their journey and comfort them as they find themselves in hostile or unfamiliar lands.
  • Father God, today we lift the nation of Sudan to you in prayer: especially the Church, that’s facing harassment and intimidation on so many fronts. We ask you to bless their pastors with courage and protection and their congregations with safety and peace. Amen.




Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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