The Church and the Banality of Evil

Warning: This is a prophetic text. Read at your own risk. Here is the proof in a quote:
‘The problem, so often, is not that we do not know. The problem is that we often fail to do the hard work of truth-seeking. We lose sight of the fundamental fact that truth is not always readily apparent. Truth must be pursued. Truth must be tested and tried. Truth must be grasped at all costs, even to ourselves.
Yet perhaps we do not want to know because deep down, we already know. So we hide in the crowd. Hide in the pews. Hide in the coffee shops. Try to escape the madness in anonymity.’

The Institute of Middle East Studies

By Suzie Lahoud

“For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” 2 Cor.11:14

The Banality of Evil

When the great political philosopher, Hannah Arendt, agreed to cover the trial of Nazi leader, Adolf Eichmann, it is doubtful that she or anyone could have predicted the shocking conclusion she was to reach. Coining the term, “the banality of evil,” Arendt exposed the frightening normality of the Nazi machine in executing its Final Solution.[1] In what Arendt described as a “show trial,” the villain put on display proved to have been motivated less by psychopathic sadism and more by an unwavering obedience and sense of duty.[2] Equally disconcerting was the description of Eichmann’s own dislike of gratuitous violence and weak stomach for gore. Here stood before the court, not the very portrait of a deranged, cold-blooded murderer, but rather, an ordinary “law-abiding citizen.”[3]

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