Two of My Recent Publications

Note: Recently, I have received two of the publications to which I have contributed lately. Here are a few details about each of them.

* * *


Intentional Discipleship and Disciple-Making. An Anglican Guide for Christian Life and Formation is a publication of The Anglican Consultative Council, aiming to revive interest in the ancient discipline and practice of disciple-making within the Anglican Communion.

My friend, Rev. Mark Oxbrow, asked me to write about the practice of discipleship within the Orthodox Christian tradition. My initial text had to be shortened, in order to fit a very limited space, in which a variety of topics was discussed.

I attach below my short text. Time allowing, I intend to publish on my blog a more extended discussion of this important topic.


The entire publication could be downloaded HERE.

You may find analyses of this book HERE, HERE, and HERE.

* * *


The second publication was not yet issued officially. It is called Mission in Central and Eastern Europe: Realities, Perspective, Trends, and was edited to Regnum, in Oxford, by Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel Macelaru, Anne-Marie Kool and Mihai Himcinschi. It is a massive book, of over 800 pages, which does an in depth analysis of the current state of Christian mission in Central and Eastern Europe. The authors come from all the major church traditions represented in the region. This publication, is volume 34 in the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary series, which celebrates the first major ecumenical mission gathering of the past century which took plaee in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1910.

For this impressive collection of mission studies, I was asked to write the story and evaluation of the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative, a movement and a series of events which came as the result of the Third Lausanne Movement Congress, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010. The initiators of this editorial project  considered that as a member of the core group leading this initiative, I am in the position to present an inside view of it.

If you are interested, you may download from the link below the text I have written for this collective volume, titled ‘The Story of the Lausanne–Orthodox Initiative. A Personal Perspective’.



Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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