Repentance and Healing

This is an unusually candid look at and call for the church to assume responsibility for the sad outcomes of the last eelections in the US. Here is the conclusion:
‘In a divisive and unchartered political climate, our first task as the Church must be our taking responsibility for inflicting many wounds and thereby seeing ourselves as the recipients of God’s mercy. Thus, by an ever greater appreciation for our liturgical worship we will realize that we receive this mercy in order that we may become its visible presence in the world. Only then will the Church be able to expand its mission and work towards the healing for which Fr. Jillions advocates.’

Public Orthodoxy

by Samuel Bauer

Following the November 8 election of Donald Trump to the presidency, Fr. John Jillions, Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America, published an essay on this blog urging Orthodox Christians to work towards the healing of the many societal fractures exposed by the 2016 election. The work of healing, he argues, is a Christian imperative and can be promoted by the Churches through charitable projects, speaking truth to power and “standing up for decency,” and the promotion of our uniquely Orthodox asceticism that can offer inner peace in the face of outer turmoil.

While this program no doubt proceeds from the best of intentions and draws our gaze to important loci for ongoing work, it is inadequate since it fails to recognize the Church’s role in the creation of the current divisive political climate. Furthermore, it proposes to relegate the Orthodox spiritual life to the realm of…

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5 thoughts on “Repentance and Healing

      • Wow! It sounds like you really know our elected President. 🙂 It seems like a very strong, emotional reaction. Just curious where you are getting your information from because 1/2 of the Americans who voted don’t hold this opinion. There are two sides to the whole picture looking at this from ground zero. What is your stake in the game? Are you a Hillary backer?


      • Dear Dave,
        I am not stupid, nor do I live in the jungle. I read the news, widely, though, I confess, I do not watch Fox News (I watched enough stupid propaganda during communism).
        You may not be are of the details and the implications of the recent parliamentary elections in Romania, nor do you have to, but we, in the Majority World, are watching carefully what is happening in the US, because, as the saying goes, ‘if Washington sneezes, the entire world get pneumonia’.
        Furthermore, you know very well that truth is not a matter of statistics. half of the Americans may very well be wrong, and I believe you really are.
        As to your beloved new president, if you as a Christian are OK with a man who brags about grabbing a woman by her intimate parts, that is your problem. I wonder if you would be that comfortable if he did that to your wife. Or daughter, for that patter.
        As it happens, I do not like at all Mrs Clinton. I think she is a mean woman. But if one absolutely had to chose between these two – which, I think, as a Christian you did not have to, whatever that devilish philosophy called pragmatism would tell you to do – I absolutely believe she was the lesser evil.
        Of course, I could be wrong – it happened to me before 😦 . But so could you.


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