“Divinity School,” “School of Divinity,” and American Confusion

Prof Hurtado tries in this post to enlighten some of the heavily prejudiced, and poorly informed American theological secularists. I doubt there is much hope, but one could only try.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

In a session at the recent SBL annual meeting in which I served as a panel-reviewer of a recently published book, the discussion descended into speculations about how the views of panellists were shaped by whether they taught in a public university or a “Divinity School” (i.e., theological seminary preparing individuals for Christian ministry).  And it became clear that the other panellists thought that I was attached to the latter type of institution, which meant that I was supposedly working from some different set of presumptions than the other panellist.  So, some clarification is needed.

First, as for me, I last taught in a theological college with a faith-commitment in 1978.  Thereafter, I taught for 18 years in the University of Manitoba, Department of Religion (the major public university of Manitoba).  Then, from 1996 to 2011 I was Professor in the University of Edinburgh, a public-funded British university, not a church-related…

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