The Disarray and Hope of Our Post-Election Abortion Politics

This article is about pro-lifers wrestling with their post- Trump election challenges. Really worth reading.

Public Orthodoxy

by Charles C. Camosy

Pro-lifers, despite being in the clear majority of the country, are now politically homeless. 73% of Americans want abortion to be broadly illegal after week twelve of gestation, but for the US Congress, a 20-week limit—a modest threshold that makes European restrictions look pro-life—seems impossible to achieve.

Senate Democrats still have the capacity to filibuster such common-sense restrictions, and given their recent commitments to wild abortion extremism, they almost certainly will. In a July opinion piece with the Los Angeles Times, I joined Kristen Day (executive director of Democrats for Life) in calling out the extremism of the Democratic platform supported by Hillary Clinton. In addition to supporting the coercion of pro-lifers to pay for the killing of the most vulnerable with their own tax dollars, the platform did the following:

  • It called for repeal of all “federal and state laws and policies that impede…

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Author: DanutM

PhD in theology Director for Faith & Development Middle East & Eastern Europe Region World Vision International

One thought on “The Disarray and Hope of Our Post-Election Abortion Politics”

  1. @”Pro-lifers, despite being in the clear majority of the country” – boy, I wish it’s true. Happy to hear this.
    /// The author is right: Hillary and the democrats were pushed to the xtreme left. That’s why they lost to the 1920’s levels. And when I said this, I was ridiculed for not voting Mrs. Clinton. What in a fricken world is going on!


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