And Cain Knew His Wife

Musings on Science and Theology

263px-Zhdan_Dementiyev_01_Seth_(1630)Where did Cain get his wife?

Did people really live 900+ years?

Who cares who begot who? Can we get to the action?!

Perhaps the most boring genre in the Bible is the genealogy – or at least it can seem so from our twenty first century perspective. They raise questions at times – especially for those who want to take the Bible seriously – but they don’t make for exciting reading. The author/editor of Genesis, on the other hand, clearly valued the genealogy as a key part of the story he was telling. There are a number of genealogies in Genesis each with an important purpose in the story line. The first of these come in Genesis 4:17-5:23 relating the descendants first of Cain and then of Adam’s third son, Seth.

How should we read these genealogies? What is the take-home message?

Bishop Ussher in the mid 1600’s famously…

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