In the Hope of Restoration of Communion between the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches

Hopes for restoration of right relationships between Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Public Orthodoxy

by Carrie Frederick Frost, Vigen Guroian, Jennifer Haddad Mosher, and Valerie G. Zahirsky

We wish to bring attention to one of the items not specifically included on the Great and Holy Council’s agenda or in its preconciliar documents: the restoration of communion between the Orthodox Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Our group is comprised of three Orthodox Christians and one Armenian Orthodox Christian, and we eagerly anticipate the day our churches will once again be united with each other.

The preconciliar document “Relations of the Orthodox Church with the Rest of the Christian World” affirms that theological dialogue is “to reclaim the lost unity of Christians,” but does not acknowledge the urgency and rightness of unity with the Oriental Churches, especially in light of the dire situation of these communities in the Middle East and North Africa. This lack of reference is in contrast to an earlier version of…

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