“Re-Christianizing” Russia

On the ‘re-Christianisation’ of Russia, whatever that means.
I think it works pretty well for other majority Orthodox countries, including my own, Romania.

Public Orthodoxy

by John P. Burgess

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Orthodox Church has aspired to nothing less than “a second Christianization” of the Russian nation—a term that appears in its Missionary Concept of 2007. The Church has striven to revive Russia’s historic Orthodox identity by becoming, with state assistance, a comprehensive presence in society. Critics often note the price that the Church pays for close cooperation with the Putin government, but after a decade of tracking these developments on the ground, I see another, less well-known side to the story. “Re-Christianization,” whatever its political deficiencies, is also contributing much good to Russia.

“Re-Christianization” is itself a disputed term. Some scholars argue that Russia was never truly Christianized. Father Alexander Schmemann used to talk about a popular Russian Orthodoxy that was a troubling syncretism of Christianity and traditional nature religions. Others have argued that Russia was never…

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One thought on ““Re-Christianizing” Russia

  1. Frumos. Numai sa fie re-crestinare si nu formarea unei constiinte nationalist religioase; atunci ar fi o amagire. Am citit, bunaoara, statistici care sustin ingrijorarea mea; vreo 70% din rusi se declarau atei, iar 90% din rusi se declarau ortodocsi. Un articol trist despre un tinar preot orthodox de prin Caucaz lamenta faptul ca prelatul era amenintat de Patriarhia de Moscovo cu catirisirea pt ca… a adunat copii de pe strada si tinea cu ei slujbe in apartamentul de bloc. Bietul popa se lamenta ca n-avea de unde s-adune bani ca sa construiasca o sfitna biserica in orasul de blocuri communiste fara lacas de inchinare. Al doilea pacat al prelatului era c-a tinut slujba in rusa si nu in “sfinta” slavona. Popa se lamenta c-a facut asta pt ca pustanii rideau cind unele cuvinte slavonesti sunau vulgar in pt rusul modern… Sper, deci sa fie vorba de o increstinare reala si nu de o redestepatre a panslavismului orthodox.


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