Orthodox Reformation

This is a daring text, worth reading by both Orthodox and Protestants. I Quote:
‘At a time when the Orthodox Church is preparing to convene its Holy and Great Council, the proximity of the anniversary of the Reformation must invite us to consider the renewal of our spiritual tradition in order to remain in contact with History in “the life of the world” and not only for “the life of the world.”’

Public Orthodoxy

by Rev. Dr. Nicolas Kazarian

As the Orthodox Church prepares to convene its Holy and Great Council, the Protestant world is getting ready to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which will be celebrated next year. While at first glance these two events seem to have nothing in common, they are linked by a common desire to bear witness to the authenticity of the Christian faith by translating the experience of the early years of Christianity into today’s world. This issue is central for the Pan-Orthodox Council, and in addition to raising the question of Orthodoxy’s relationship to Protestantism, it asks the Orthodox Church to define its path towards reform and renewal while safeguarding the unity of the Church in time and space.

The history of the Reformation remains exclusively a chapter of Western Christianity, with no room for the Orthodox except where they were used as leverage…

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