Responding to Syria: Five Years On

The Institute of Middle East Studies

(Photograph: John Bowen – Location: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon)

by Suzie Lahoud

“I wonder why all children are happy around the world enjoying Christmas decorations, different colors, new clothes, but the children in our country live, every year, with a hope that the next year will be better, yet they discover that it is more painful than the year before.” – Tartous, Syria; December 2015

I have never been able to reconcile myself to the disparities of the world. Growing up, I used to regularly travel across time and space from the raw want of the former Soviet Union to the wealthy consumerism of the United States.  In Uzbekistan, the average “middle-class” citizen owned two pairs of clothes, and was annually wrangled into picking cotton in the fields without pay in the hot, summer months.  When we traveled back to America each year I sometimes wandered the streets…

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