Leading the Struggle: Serving Migrant Domestic Workers in our Midst

Here is a new post by Rose Khouri, from IMES, writing this time about the grim situation of domestic workers in Lebanon.

The Institute of Middle East Studies

by Rose Khouri

For this week’s post, I want to follow up on my most recent blog post in which I discussed my frustrations with the Lebanese (Arab) Church and what I perceived as inaction on a simultaneously visible and invisible human rights crisis perpetrated by members of its community: mistreatment of migrant and domestic workers. In the last blog post I lamented. In this post I want to move forward.

There are Church servants already actively serving to address this issue that can provide a model for the Arab Church. Their numbers are still small but they are making an impact where they can, and they are seeking measured, sustainable transformation. There are also hopeful signs that the new generation of Lebanese is making such social justice issues a key element of their faith-driven lives. I sat down to discuss the Church’s role in this issue with Dr. Daniel…

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Author: DanutM

PhD in theology Director for Faith & Development Middle East & Eastern Europe Region World Vision International

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