Lisa van Engen – A Month of Financial Fasting

Here is a creative way of fasting suggested by Lisa van Engen in a guest post on the Money Saving Mom website.

Once a year, my husband and I choose a month to practice financial fasting. Fasting is to willingly abstain from something… and we practice financial fasting to intentionally work toward not spending extra money.

Here are a few of the things we do:

We go through all our stockpiled foods and seek to use it up.

We choose all activities that are free for the month. 

We use up all our free toiletry samples.

We organize our house. 

My husband and I have a family finance meeting

We do without.

We gather all our loose change and deposit it into our family giving bank.

Read HERE what lisa means by the suggestions above.

Lisa van Engen

Lisa  van Engen is a freelance writer from Holland, Michigan. She blogs about placing yourself in the proximity of renewal at About ProximityShe works with the Global Team of 200 of the organization Mom Bloggers for Social Good. Her favorite thing is to encourage others. She laughs daily with her husband, and kids Ellie and Josiah. 


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