It’s Official – I Am Leaving World Vision


Note: Today, my World Vision supervisor, Conny Lenneberg, the leaders of our region, made the official announcement about my leaving the organisation. Here is what she wrote.

* * *

Dear colleagues,

It is with great regret that we advise that, due to funding challenges in F[inancial] Y[ear] [20]16, we will not be able to maintain our Faith in Development Director Position held by Danut Manastireanu beyond February 2015.

Danut has played an instrumental part in the development of the Christian Witness and Spiritual Formation of our leadership and staff over the past 17 years. We are most appreciative of the dedication and passion he has brought to FnD throughout the entire MEER [Middle East & Eastern Europe] region.

Danut started his relationship with WV as a member of WV Romania’s advisory board in 1995, later joining as WV staff in the position of MEER Christian Commitments Director in 1999.  During his service with WV Danut has contributed in so many ways, developing FnD [Faith in Development] staff across the region, supporting the N[ational] O[ffice]s,  advocating on behalf of the region to ensure good understanding of both the unique inter-denominational sensitivities and complex inter-faith context.   Some of the highlights of his contribution include:  

  • introducing ‘The Way’ to the Orthodox Church as an adult biblical literacy program;  
  • promotion and engagement in the Youth Bible Curriculum, supporting its strategic development across the region;
  • leading a team which supported NOs to adapt the spiritual nurture of children policy for their contexts, apply Channels of Hope, build relationships with churches in their contexts, engage in interfaith dialogues;
  • engaging in the Lausanne dialogue between Evangelicals and Orthodox, and more broadly ensuring WV in this region was well connected with important church dialogues and forums.
  • supported high level/strategic Church engagement at the regional level, in particular with the hierarchical & historical churches;
  • the key contributor in the pioneer work in CC in MEER in championing staff and leadership formation.  
  • spearheading interfaith for development dialogue and collaboration.
  • promoting equidistant engagement with all the Churches belonging to all traditions – Protestant, Catholic & Orthodox.

Danut has also been a lead thinker in CC throughout the Partnership, contributing to a number of different partnership initiatives and policies over the years.  Danut has worked closely and supported senior leaders in caring for the spiritual needs of their staff.   He leaves a great legacy having produced a compendium of staff nurture and leadership development resources, including the MEER Next Generation Leadership Development program.

Please join me in  thanking and honoring Danut for his rich contribution to our region and the wonderful legacy he leaves, from which World Vision will reap benefit for many years to come.  Join me in prayer for Danut as he takes some personal leave over December, to spend time in reflection and prayer to discern God’s plan for this next phase, before joining his family in the UK for Christmas.

Cornelia M. Lenneberg
| Regional Leader
World Vision International | Middle East / Eastern Europe Regional Office
PO Box 28979, 2084 Nicosia, Cyprus
62 Pericleous Str., 2021 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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