What is the Solution for Syrian Refugees?

Here is a Christian Middle Easterner perspective, worth consideing.

The Institute of Middle East Studies

by Wissam al-Saliby

The Syrian refugee influx into Europe respects no borders. From the Mediterranean shores to the Arctic sea, hundreds of thousands are determined to “get in”. I have followed the journeys of many young Syrians over Facebook as they have immigrated first to Greece and then on to their country of destination (often Germany or Sweden). A few weeks ago, I received a message from a pastor in Northern Finland along the Russian border, asking for advice. “These days we have a lot of Syrian refugees coming across the border, of which some participate in our Sunday service,” he wrote.

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What is the solution for Syrian refugees? Although this conflict has been displacing Syrians for 5 years now, ever since the images of the three-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed onto a Turkish beach went viral early September, greater Western attention has focused on this difficult question. My…

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Author: DanutM

PhD in theology Director for Faith & Development Middle East & Eastern Europe Region World Vision International

One thought on “What is the Solution for Syrian Refugees?”

  1. “Soon, in every single European city there could be a Syrian refugee family. Whether in Lebanon, Europe or America, my prayer is we show them Christ’s unconditional love – the antithesis of what they have fled.”
    Amin! Doar ca pt asta trebuie s-avem in noi dragostea lui Hristos in noi, altfel d eunde s-o aratam?
    Nu sunt prooroc dar o evaluare exhaustive a femonului e timpurie. Frapant este ca majoritatea sunt barbati. Chiar si generalul Degeratu are un punct cind se-ntreaba de ce nu formeaza o armata sa-si apere tara. Am vazut statistici oficiale din care rezulta ca doar 20% ar fi sirieni…CEva e putred in Danemarca.
    Recent s-antimplat insa ceea ce ma asteptam. Putin s-a angajat sa resolve problema: si-a infiltrat trupele ca sa-i salveze pe cei 2 milioane de ortodocsi…. Asa sa fie! La urma urmei, am dus-o mai bine sub comunisti decit o duc crestinii sub islamisti (exceptind stalinismul, China Coreea de Nord si holocaustul romanesc). Pina la urma socialismul sirian si irachian a fost mai tolerant fata crestini decit islamismul. N-am nicio incredere in Putin(mi-e si greata de declaratiile lui) dar este totusi trist ca Obama, VEstul si bisericile liberale s-au dat de cesaul mortii sa apere si sa poleieze islamul… in dispret fata de exterminarea crestinilor si eliminarea culturii crestine si acum tzarul rosu sa ajunga sa-i protezeje pe crestini.
    Dumnezeu sa se indure de oamenii care sufere. America are o vina pt ca n-a acordat vize nici macar irachienilor sau afganilor care au colaborat cu armata Americana. Ca sa nu mai vorbin de dispretul (dezinteresul) administratiei Obama fata de crestinii persecutati in Orient, inclusiv cetateni americani. De unde atunci dragostea lui Hristos de care se vorbeste-n articol? Totul e sa spalam imaginea islamistilor! Putin si-o spala pe-a lui. Halal!


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