Has Lebanon finally figured out its own version of the ‘Arab Spring’?

The Institute of Middle East Studies

By Martin Accad

I was travelling when the recent popular uprising began in Lebanon. At first it emerged as an outcry to the trash crisis that has been engulfing Lebanon with its stench for several months now. Lebanon hasn’t had its ‘Arab Spring.’ Some people think that’s because – God forbid – everything works perfectly here! Others note that Lebanon has no dictator to overthrow. Yet the reality is that nothing is working, whether basic services like water and electricity, law enforcement, economic growth, political or security stability. Nothing is working, yet it is difficult to identify what exactly is wrong, and virtually impossible to put your finger on how to bring about change, for there is no clear enemy.

But suddenly the Lebanese realized that the trash crisis was nothing more than a symbol of their reeking political elite. Then the slogans began to rise from the ashes of…

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