The Value of Evolution

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Laying Down Arms 2The fourth section of Gary N. Fugle’s book Laying Down Arms to Heal the Creation-Evolution Divide looks at the value of biological evolution. It is hard for the non-scientist, and even many scientists who are not conversant with biology, to appreciate the depth and importance of the evolutionary theory in biology.

[O]nce the idea of evolutionary change is considered, we find that it has enormous power to explain much of what we see in the biological realm. This explanatory power pervades all levels of biology, extending from the origin of cell organelles to complex interactions within ecosystems. With evolution in mind, phenomena in one area of biology after another become understandable like they never were before. Biologists are able to repeatedly exclaim, “Aha! I get it! Now that makes sense.” It is because of this sweeping power to make sense of the natural world that evolution is regarded as one…

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4 thoughts on “The Value of Evolution

  1. Danut, I am glad you paid attention to this subject, on which Christians need more education. A lot of them are caught in fundamentalist paradigms, which are based neither on Scripture, nor on tradition. A few years ago I listened to a series of lectures delivered by Father Thomas Hapko on the subject of Darwin and evolution. It was a delight to hear a representative of one of the most traditional churches being completely open and flexible on the subject of evolution. It gave me a new way to look at Genesis 1-3.


    • We also have a Romanian Orthodox theologian, Fr. Doru Costache, who writes very knowledgebly in this area. However, because of the fundamentalism that dominates Orthodoxy in Romania on this matter (can you imagine they have translated Henry Morris?) he had to exile himself in Australia. 😦
      Similarly, Romanian evangelicalism is totally dominated by a fundamentalist view of science, including of biology and evolution.


  2. In my opinion the supposed evolution of whale presented in the article is not a very good example in favor of evolution. As the article ‘Whale’s Tale’ of Richard Monastersky from ‘Science News’ (Vol 156, No. 19 (Nov 6, 1999)) shows, there is a contradiction between the biochemical data and the paleontological data in the contemporary neo-darwinian ‘Whale’s Tale’.


    • ‘Contradiction’ is an ideologically charged word. The elimination of discrepancies is the ideal of science, and we have seen a lot of it in many areas. If we have patience, we will see it here too. Unless we have already made up our mind. Then, facts won’t matter.


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