I Dare You to Change!

Do we change? Some may ask, ‘change’?

Musings on Science and Theology

Thomas Kirche LeipzigChange is hard. Changing a position on any significant issue involves a disruption of social networks. This disruption can be painful. Today I would like to highlight two projects connected to the BioLogos Evolution and Christian Faith program that deal with the issues surrounding change.

Justin Topp, involved with Craig Story in the project Moving Pastors Toward Scientific Literacy, had an interesting post on the BioLogos blog last week: Creation and Evolution “Research Programs” (And Why It’s So Hard to Change Perspectives). In this post he is focused on analyzing the approaches that different groups take to the questions of evolution and Christian faith and the way these approaches control perspective. To lend context to the discussion he tells some of his story moving from a young earth creationist view to an evolutionary creation approach. The post is well worth reading.

Justin includes a table outlining what he…

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