Meagan Tyler – 10 Myths about Prostitution, Trafficking and the Nordic Model

Nordic Model

Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden, promoted a model of fighting prostitution and the associated phenomenon of women trafficking, that decriminalises prostitutes and criminalizes customers. Certainly, this approach has been demonised by pimps and traffickers – the main profiteers from this phenomenon, as well as by the men hooked on it.

The article below tries to dismantle the myths build by those opposed to what is generally described as the ‘Nordic model’. Here are the ten myths:

1. I’m a sex worker, I choose sex work and I love it

2. Only sex workers are qualified to comment on prostitution

3. All sex workers oppose the Nordic Model

4. The Nordic Model denies sex workers’ agency

5. The Nordic Model conflates prostitution and trafficking

6. The Nordic Model doesn’t work / pushes prostitution “underground”

7. The Nordic Model deprives women of a living

8. The Nordic Model has made prostitution unsafe

9. The Nordic Model is really a moral crusade in disguise

10. Academics who research prostitution make money off the backs of women in prostitution

Read HERE the entire article.

* * *

Nordic Model in London

You too can do something against the exploitation and trafficking of women.

Sign HERE the petition against Amnesty International’s proposal to decriminalise prostitution, including that of its customers.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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